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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm sorry, God

I really don't set out in the mornings to desecrate holy places. Apparently, it just happens, at least in our family. But, what's a girl to do when she is 35/36 weeks pregnant, has just strapped both boys in their car seats and is clear on the other side of the building when one of those little boys urgently grabs himself and says, "mommy, potty!" Do I unstrap both and hoof it back to the building and into a restroom? Yes, probably most of you are nodding your head wondering as if there is another option. By the way, "that building" just happens to be our church.

So, being the improviser that I am, I get Isaac out of his seat and try to discreetly place him by the car to pee. ***Oh and yes, he knows how to pee standing up now, which he ironically learned to do at the drag races last weekend when he had no shoes, no shirt and no underwear on...just trying to set the stage for our family having slight leanings towards being rednecks.*** And, boy oh boy, did he need to go! It apparently was an emergency.

Does it make it any better that we were technically standing off the church property on the curb?

And, would it help if I also told you that he is an excellent shot at peeing standing up and also peed a little bit in the minivan? (That kind of made me giggle a little, know how I love that car!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

HAAAA! That is exactly what I would have done. Except... I would have run him right up on the lawn behind a tree. And I would have thanked God that that tree was there. I figure he understands... and if not it is better then cursing under your breath as you drag the kids out of car seats and back into the church.