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Monday, March 1, 2010

Don't take advice from a 2-year-old (even if he is almost 3!)

Three boys is sucking the remainder of my brains right out of me. Jereme is out of town since yesterday and I have three sick boys. Took baby Luke to doctor today b/c he is miserable. No shocker, ear infection(s) is back, or perhaps it was never gone. Anyways, after getting his meds, we decided to go through Wendy's b/c we all needed a treat!!

As I was sitting at stoplight contemplating how to get through a couple more days solo with the sickies without going nuts, Isaac pipes up and says, "Ok, mommy, GO!" So, you know what? I did. And, guess what? The light was still red. I realized it about halfway through, slammed on my brakes and said, well, I won't type what I said. Wouldn't you know it...there's a police man in his car about 10 feet away. I looked at him, looked back at my kids (by the way there were no all know we live in small-town USA), and laid my head on the steering wheel for a minute. I looked back up, he gave me a big smile, wave and motioned for me to just go on. I don't know you, sir, but I love you.

Now, back to movies galore, holding sick babies and desperately trying to remember where I put the Percoset...

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