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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A few vacay pics

Luke's face as we rode the train up Pike's Peak...I can't say I disagree...also note the black eye!

Me and the boys...our one shot for 2011 that still proves I was around...don't the boys look delighted??

This kid is a squirrel!!!!

Jorden! Almost always a good cheeser!

Family pic--Jorden, hiding behind my leg, starting to get some altitude sickness!

Just for the record, I am unsure how it is August and almost time for our "baby" to turn 2!!!

And, I am also unsure how it happens that looking at the calendar for this month, I realize Jereme will be gone the next 11 out of 15 business nights!?!? That guy has the life. Hold on, wait, what? Oh yes...I am sitting in my chair in the middle of the day drinking a pop getting ready to read while my children take a nap...ok, ok, ok...I think I have that backwards. I am pretty sure I got the good end of this deal!!!

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