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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Random Wednesday Post

More pics from the 4th

Making daddy work!

Isaac's rather painful-looking sleep position

Getting along for a few minutes


Might go down in history as the most random blog post ever. But, if I don't write it, I'll never remember!!

*July 5th--both Isaac and Jorden prayed the sweetest prayer ever today and asked Jesus to come live in their hearts.

*Both boys are absolutely obsessed with how anyone and everyone died in our family. They want to know every detail possible about death...they repeatedly tell the stories and ask more questions. Be prepared to hear a few of the details!!

*Jorden and Jereme's convo a few days ago:
Jorden: Daddy, when we get to heaven Jesus fixes us and we aren't broken anymore?
Jereme: Yep!
Jorden: So, Poppa Rodger is fixed and not broken anymore?
Jereme: That's right buddy.
Jorden: Huh. WEIRD!
We laughed so hard!!

*Jereme went to check on little boys the other night before going to bed. They were both in Isaac's bed snuggled up together. The next morning we asked why they were sleeping in the same bed. Jorden told us he was scared of the fireworks so Isaac said he could come sleep with him. I *SO* wish I had a picture of that but it'll forever be a picture in my mind!!

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

Cute pics! My knees hurt just looking at that sleeping picture! Oh my word!

Such a sweet blessing when your little ones ask Jesus into their hearts! I remember the day Brecken did :) Good job momma!