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Friday, January 20, 2012

What we've been up to this week...

*Getting too big too quick. The little boys told me they didn't need me to go back with them at the dentist office. So, I had to sit out in the lobby as one-by-one they went back for a full check-up, x-rays, cleaning, etc. Wasn't it just yesterday I was convincing them at any doctor's office that they didn't need to cling to me like a wet cat?

*Apparently Jereme and I aren't even close to figuring this parent-thing out. For about 1 full week, Luke refused naps, wouldn't sleep at night, ran a low-grade fever and was just flat fussy. We chalked it up to the sweet boy finally entering "toddlerhood". But, after the suggestion of a wise friend to get his ears checked, I took him in. Lo and behold he had a RAGING ear infection in each ear, which had progressed so far that eventually his ear drums burst (which FYI is completely disgusting during an infection). After 2 days of meds, he was already almost back to being our sweet, easy-going boy.

*Boys being great helpers and doing chores! Earning their commissions for the week!

Jorden cleaning the bath:

Isaac unloading the dishwasher:

*Breathing treatments, breathing treatments and more breathing treatments

*And, a surprise visit from Poppa and Mimi! Made 3 little boys and one isolated momma's day!

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