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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Lots of exciting things happening at our house the past few weeks! We were able to continue our house-selling streak which was a complete shock to us and we are so grateful. God's hand has been so evident in this move for us...we are blessed and so at peace. In a really crummy time and tough market, we got an offer/contract on our house within 2 weeks. That makes 5 houses we've been able to sell within 2 weeks. I quite candidly told Jereme we best not go for 6!!!

For the first time ever, we had to have a plumber come and snake out our lines. He said he had to go almost 100 ft out and he was completely baffled at what could've created that situation. I, on the other hand, am not the least bit shocked. He obviously had not met our boys.

And, just a few cute sayings from our boys.

 Isaac: Momma, how do I find the person I am going to marry? I mean, how will I know?

 Me (to be honest, I really wanted to answer these questions with, well, we're not worried about this b/c we aren't planning to let you ever leave the house): We will pray. We will pray even now that God will reveal to you who He wants you to spend your life with.

Isaac: (Contemplates this for a bit) Ok. Well, will I get to have chocolate cake at my wedding??

***Ah, now I see what the cause for concern was!***

 Luke after every nap and in the morning when you open his door: Get up here now on my bed. Snuggle me!!
 ***I dare you to resist him!***

 And, Jorden has completely mastered monkey bars! He is quite proud of himself and can do all sorts of tricks to swing himself up on the bars. It's amazing and quite terrifying!

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