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Monday, January 25, 2010

I love this kid...

Isaac holds a special place in my heart. All the kids do but Isaac is such a squirrel. Jereme and I went in to do our nightly check and tuck-in of the kids. This is how we found Isaac:

Just so you know, I am posting this at 1145 pm so that kid has been standing/stuck between his bed and the wall for God only knows how long. He went to bed at 8 pm and I never heard a peep out of him. He's a trip, that's for sure!

Oh, another reason to love that kid...Jereme had to PRY him out as he was seriously wedged in there and the child never opened an eye.
Series of shots of Luke...the kid smiles so much...he is one sweet baby!

The other two happy boys of the house...maybe a touch ornery, but sweet all the same.

Two pretty cute guys...

BROTHERS! And, yes, after 5 months, we have finally convinced Isaac that Luke is, indeed, his brother (and staying!).

What a doll...

Monday, January 18, 2010


I just wanted to prove to you (and myself) that Luke does wear something besides sleepers. Granted, this is probably only the 4th time in the 21 weeks since he was born that I've put him in something besides a sleeper outfit. Poor 3rd's just that they are so easy and warm. But, dang, he does look cute in real clothes, too, doesn't he??

Saturday, January 16, 2010

*HEART* *HEART* I'm in love *HEART* *HEART*

Probably I should be telling you how madly in love with my husband but here's the truth: the boys are giving him a run for his money. The twins are pretty high up there on the list of people I am madly in love with and Luke is REALLY high (he just doesn't throw total meltdowns yet!). But, tonight, all the males in my life could possibly have been surpassed on my "I love you more than life itself" list.

Have you been to the new Hy-vee in Manhattan recently? Oh.My.Gosh. It is gorgeous. It has everything in a store that a girl could think of and want. I won't embarrass myself by telling you how much money we dropped in there tonight. And, it wasn't b/c the prices were high; it's b/c we couldn't resist the temptation. The produce is gorgeous, the meat, oh, man, I did NOT know if I was going to be able to tear Jereme away from the beautiful and fresh King crab legs, the thick, scrumptious looking steaks. Hy-vee, I am yours 'til death do us part. Ok, of COURSE, I will still support my local grocery store. I'll do it, I'll keep my $$$ local, but that doesn't mean I won't occassionally stray...what can I say, I am a grocery-store adultress.

By they way, all around awesome trip to Manhattan. Luke and I shopped Hobby Lobby while the twins and Jereme went to Home Depot. One of the best Hobby Lobby's I've ever been in. We also hit McAllister's and then Cold Stone Creamery. What can I say?? Manhattan truly is God's Country...

Friday, January 8, 2010

I feel special...

Isaac and I were cuddling this afternoon and this is the conversation:

Isaac, Mommy loves you!
I love Daddy.
Who else do you love?
Poppa and Mimi.
Who else?
Mimi Marcia.
Who else?
Mimi Betty.
Who else?
Poppa and Mimi's house.
Who else?
Mimi Catherine.
Who else?
Ummmmmmm, Taylor.
Who else?
Ummmmmmm, Luker.
Who else?
Who else?
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Auntie.
Who else?
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Elmo.
Who else?
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Lightening McQueen Car.
Who else?
What about mommy, do you love mommy?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Warning: Gross story...

Last night, I was working with Luke on eating his solids. Well, you all know how babies like to spit out most of it in those early days of learning to eat. Jorden and Isaac wanted to watch me feed Luke this time as normally they are too busy running around naked, dumping gallons of water in the basement or whatever else to pay any attention. The boys had just finished their supper so I said, okay. I feed one bite to Luke. Luke spits most of it out. Isaac gets red in the face and gags a little. I say, hey buddy, it's okay, this is just how babies learn to eat. I tell him maybe he shouldn't watch. He says, "no momma, I watch Luker (his name for Luke) eat."

At this point, you can probably see where this is going. But, like a fool, I didn't. I feed Luke another bite. Isaac immediately begins gagging when Luke spits it out and this time proceeds to projectile vomit about 4 times. Unfortunately, Jorden was standing about 18 inches from Isaac and got hit sqaure on his chest and stomach by the puke. Jorden looks down, looks up and promptly projectile vomits everywhere, too.

I would've gotten a picture for you if I hadn't been trying so hard to not wet my pants as I was laughing hysterically. Jereme, on the other hand, didn't find it quite as funny. Ah, these are the days...

By the way, this morning as I was getting ready to feed Luke again, I say to the boys, you better go find something to do b/c I am going to feed Luke. Isaac says, "yea, momma, I no want to 'pill my carrots from last night again". I love it!