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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Why, why, why???

Why do I continue to go to Walmart? Short of hoping to entertain all 3 readers of my blog, I just don't know. I would try to tell you some of the "legitimate" reasons why I was there today but, let's just be honest. 8 months of pregnancy makes me a wee bit on the lazy side. So, in an attempt to not make 4 different stops today, I chose the big W.

Really, I thought the trip was going relatively well. Everyone I saw had on bras, I only heard a few not-so-offensive swear words and only one creepy couple (think 15- year-old girl repeatedly kissing a somewhere around 50-year-old man).

I surveyed my cart. Groceries? Check. Spackling? Check. Shampoo? Check. Curtains? Check. Needle and spool of thread? No. I head back to that department. I wander aimlessly for a few moments with no luck. Find associate. Ask where I can find a package of needles and thread. She smiles and says we don't have any. I laugh and say, no really, where are they? She repeats they have not one package of needles or any spools of thread. I ask how that is possible. She calls for asst. manager (I must be marked as "troublemaker" for their store). He arrives on scene and I say, "seriously, I just need one needle, one spool of any color thread, or hell, even an emergency sewing kit will work at this point?" He assures me with a big smile that they hope in a few weeks they will be restocked with those items but at this time, they don't have any of the above.

Ok, so, here's the deal, people. You can choose from a) one of probably 35 varieties of condoms, b) pick up your own beer-making kit or c) purchase one of 12,874 DVDs at your local Walmart. But, under no circumstances should a person expect to be able to purchase the often-sought, rarely-found package of needles or spool of thread. I'm just sayin'.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wheat harvest and fishing...

I just love my boys! It doesn't get much better than daddy and his boys spending the day together doing "boy" things. On top of what you see in the pics, they found snakes, held kittens, jumped on the trampoline, swam and so much more!! I love having boys and I won't lie to you, there is a little pitter-patter of excitement in me thinking about just a short time ahead of us when daddy can go do these things with "just" his boys!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


To my neighbors:

I know this is just one thing on a list of many that we probably need to apologize to you about. I never dreamt I'd be a big, ol' pregnant gal running around in nothing but a tank top with not even a bra on underneath, for crying out loud. You'll just have to suffer through the next 75 days with me. I'll suffer through chasing 2 toddler boys in the heat of Kansas summer and well, you'll just have to suffer through watching me do it in a not-very-flattering-yet-keeps-me-somewhat-cool tank top.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Things I love...

(Note: Title may be slightly sarcastic in content)

*Sitting in my home while it is being remodeled and not able to turn on the AC. It is a mere 86 degrees in here at 319 pm. Go figure, today is the day the boys have now napped for 3 hours since I can't go to the cool basement as long as the tile saw is going full blast.

*Realizing that 3 days ago when Jorden was squatting (and God forbid touching) over something in the backyard constantly yelling "momma, yuck" that he wasn't pointing to dog poo. It was actually a rabbit who'd been senselessly murdered by our dog and left to rot. Less than half of the rabbit remained due to the infestation of maggots on it. No wonder the kid wouldn't eat on Saturday.

*Eating my words when I used to wonder why our friends with kids cars were trashed, nasty and full of uneaten french fries. Let's just say, I get it. I totally get it!

*The return register at any given Hobby Lobby. Bonus points if you take toddlers to stand in line with you.

But, at the end of the day, something I really do love??? These three guys!

And, here is a GREAT photo of the Rodger House family at Aunt Carol's reunion over Memorial Day!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

MIA = Week from Hell

Not that it will be any surprise to have a random week or two absence from me but this week will definitely be one. Jereme leaves Sunday for the week. Painters arrive Monday morning to paint exterior of house. Flooring man arrives Monday morning also to begin a nasty job of removing floor in various rooms. Isaac, Jorden and momma hit the road for a few days to stay at Poppa and Mimi's. This would be an instance where drinking SHOULD be permissable during pregnancy...and by that I do mean above and beyond what is already permissable...seriously, what is a 4 oz glass of wine gonna do for me????

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Could this be why our neighbors think we are rednecks? There is a small piece of me that acknowledges that we might just live a little too close to the Country Club for this to be acceptable behavior; I just choose to ignore that inner voice.

Daily trip to the park:

And, just a few things I gotta say to the park crowd:
Lady #1: Yes, I realize both of my sons have crawled to the top of the equipment. I am sitting right here on the bench watching them. No, I don't think that is too dangerous for them. Yes, I realize they are still little boys but call me crazy (or lazy), I figure if they fall, it's a good natural consequence so why don't you pay attention to your child who obviously just pooped her pants and is now sticking her hand down there.

Lady #2: I apologize. I was judging you yesterday. I know I didn't say anything but I am sure you could tell by the look on my face. I just think your nuts. Who lets their approx 5 and 7 year old bring a gallon EACH of Sunny Delight to the park and walk around, drinking straight out of the jug, drinking the WHOLE thing in less than 10 minutes? I'll try to keep that judgemental look off my face in the future b/c God only knows what I'll be letting our kids do in 3 years (or 3 months for that matter).