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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Could this be why our neighbors think we are rednecks? There is a small piece of me that acknowledges that we might just live a little too close to the Country Club for this to be acceptable behavior; I just choose to ignore that inner voice.

Daily trip to the park:

And, just a few things I gotta say to the park crowd:
Lady #1: Yes, I realize both of my sons have crawled to the top of the equipment. I am sitting right here on the bench watching them. No, I don't think that is too dangerous for them. Yes, I realize they are still little boys but call me crazy (or lazy), I figure if they fall, it's a good natural consequence so why don't you pay attention to your child who obviously just pooped her pants and is now sticking her hand down there.

Lady #2: I apologize. I was judging you yesterday. I know I didn't say anything but I am sure you could tell by the look on my face. I just think your nuts. Who lets their approx 5 and 7 year old bring a gallon EACH of Sunny Delight to the park and walk around, drinking straight out of the jug, drinking the WHOLE thing in less than 10 minutes? I'll try to keep that judgemental look off my face in the future b/c God only knows what I'll be letting our kids do in 3 years (or 3 months for that matter).

1 comment:

Kelli said...

HA HA Ha - I love the naked pics! So cute!

I also love the park stories. I try to remember not to judge others because I am sure they have or will have reasons to judge us from time to time.