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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Momma's boy

I've just discovered yet another VERY big positive to having a momma's boy. Luke is definitely momma's boy. He loves his daddy and has definitely come around on letting Jereme hold him even when I'm around. But, he still has pretty big googly eyes for momma. So, besides getting to hold that darling thing a LOT, tonight proved to add another one.

When momma's boy pukes a LOT on his bedroom floor and by a lot, I mean a LOT, complete with chunks and all, well, he only wants one person to hold him. His momma. And, of course, his momma was wise and barely got any on him while holding him during the episode. Soooooo, it was pretty easy to slip his pj's off, snuggle him in the rocker while his sweet, sweet daddy scooped it up, sprayed it down, scrubbed the carpet, etc. A few little giggles might've even been heard but I am almost positive they came from Luke...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things I love, Part 3 (or something like that)

I haven't had a "little boy" post in quite awhile. So, this is dedicated to Isaac and Jorden.

*My daddy gone all the time so he makes my momma sleep all alone!
*Poppa, Caleb and Jorden won't listen to me when I tell them to stop honking the horn. What should I do now?
* Oh d@mn, this one is really stuck. (WHOOPS!)

*(Driving a 4-wheeler with daddy out at the farm and popped a wheelie!?!?) Laughs hysterically!
*I'm gonna get big like my daddy and catch a big shark.

Some other things I love:
*Giggles from all the boys when they are all playing together in a room (rare!)
*Sweet little faces beside my bed in the morning, ready to crawl in and snuggle
*Crawling into my bed and finding combines under the sheets
Took the boys to do a test plot with their daddy one afternoon and when they arrive the other guys are teasing the boys. One fellow Monsanto guy asks the twins if they like the Jayhawks and this is the response he got, "The Jayhawks and Pioneer STINK!!"

3 year stats (ok so perhaps they are 5 months overdue but I am sure that 3 year well child check just means sometime during the year after they turn 3, right?????)
Isaac: 40.5 inches tall (87th), 36 lbs (72nd)
Jorden: 40 inches tall (80th), 35 lbs (65th)

And, just one little blip on sweet baby boy, Luke. Here are his one year stats:
31.5 inches tall (90th), 24 lbs 2 oz (70th)

Next generation of DEKALB/Asgrow guys:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Birthday boy!

Happy Birthday to the best guy I know! I love you!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday afternoons...

There is nothing that I don't love about Sunday afternoons. Jereme napping with the little boys. Luke taking a nap on his own. Me, a book and a diet pop. Blissful...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Just so I have it documented someplace...Luke started taking steps today! He's been letting go and standing for awhile but today just out of nowhere, he took a few steps and is now up to 4. I know it's a just matter of time before those sweet little first steps turn to running feet!! We'll see if we can get it on video tonight...he thinks he is super funny. And, when I showed it to the boys, their reaction was priceless. I thought they might get excited...they looked VERY worried and said, "good job, Luke" while racing back to their room and shutting the door!!

School begins!

I don't think any of the boys (all four, that is) are happier or more content than when they are on some sort of tractor. As you can see, even the babe is content.

And, today Pre-K began. I can hardly believe it! We all did well. I even waited until I got back out to the car to cry, which only confirmed to Luke once again that I might be (slightly) nuts. Boys did good. They won't go to Kindy till they are 6 so let's call this year what it really is...Mom's Morning Out, twice a week!! But, they think they are big stuff and by the pictures below, they really do look BIG to me!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Gameday yesterday!! Our little Wildcats were awesome. They endured 3+ hours of tailgating and a multitude of walking and climbing steps! Whew, it was a big day. And, it was warm!! Twins were dang near perfect. They loved it and were beyond excited about K-State (which thrills their parents!). Luke, ever true to form, was a doll. He slept for about 20 minutes in his stroller. That was it. But I don't think he cried once all day. He was a delight and did wonderful, too!!

Please note my attire in my pic with the boys. A tank top. I never wear them. I also never go to the pool with my kids until after 4 pm. We are WHITE...shockingly white, that is. I greased everyone in the family up with sunscreen, except one person. How could I not put sunscreen on??? I am the whitest of us all (I know that shocks you who are around me most...I know I appear so tan!)!!! Needless to say I am a lobster!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday's boys!

Oh, this boy. Love him. Just a few weeks ago at one of Jereme's test plots someone asked him if he knew what "that" was over there. This was his response, "Momma, what's that name again?" Me, "Honey, that's an anhydrous ammonia tank." Isaac, "Oh, ok. (Turns back to the guy) That's an anhydrous ammonia tank and you bring your tractor in and back it up and hook up to it, then you drive your tractor to your field and you drive through your corn with it and then it will make your DEKALB corn grow big and big and big and really strong." Seriously, this child can talk (I have no idea where he gets it) and I think he's pretty smart. Of course, this is also the same child who told me after he pooped the other day, "I am going to shut the lid so the stink does not get up on me." ANYWAYS, he's dang cute, though!

Ok, this child's face kills me. Could it be any cuter? Could he be any sweeter? Most days will find Jorden telling me something along these lines, "It's okay, momma. I'm sorry Isaac won't obey you. It's okay, though. I be a good boy for you, momma." Apparently being a good boy means unrolling a whole roll of toliet paper and flushing it down the toliet. But, that smile!!

And, this little doll? Oh my. Luke went 5 straight days with either not napping at all or waking up after 20 minutes. 5 days, people. 5 days that child slept no more than 20 minutes during his 12-13 waking hours. Cry it out worked well for the twins but what do you do with a child who won't cry in his crib? That stinker will sit in there and play, giggle, laugh, sing, jump, etc for 2 hours. How do I know? B/c I've let him. And, I guess that's just how we roll around here.

It's the moments like these that literally make my heart skip a beat. They aren't set-up. The twins really do love that baby and he loves them right back. Well, except when they take all the good toys and try to exchange him some baby toy for his John Deere truck. Then, I don't think it's quite love he is feeling. And, it probably wasn't love he was feeling either earlier in the summer when they sent him to the ER with chemical burns in both eyes, but those are just minor things. 99% of the time he thinks they are pretty cool!

KSU football opens this weekend. This will be our first year ticketing the boys and planning to take them to most, if not all, of the games. I am sure you'll hear us before you see us. So, if I look right at you and seem to not know you, it's b/c I am trying to find my happy place. Grab me and shake me by the shoulders, ok??

GO CATS!!!!!!!