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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday's boys!

Oh, this boy. Love him. Just a few weeks ago at one of Jereme's test plots someone asked him if he knew what "that" was over there. This was his response, "Momma, what's that name again?" Me, "Honey, that's an anhydrous ammonia tank." Isaac, "Oh, ok. (Turns back to the guy) That's an anhydrous ammonia tank and you bring your tractor in and back it up and hook up to it, then you drive your tractor to your field and you drive through your corn with it and then it will make your DEKALB corn grow big and big and big and really strong." Seriously, this child can talk (I have no idea where he gets it) and I think he's pretty smart. Of course, this is also the same child who told me after he pooped the other day, "I am going to shut the lid so the stink does not get up on me." ANYWAYS, he's dang cute, though!

Ok, this child's face kills me. Could it be any cuter? Could he be any sweeter? Most days will find Jorden telling me something along these lines, "It's okay, momma. I'm sorry Isaac won't obey you. It's okay, though. I be a good boy for you, momma." Apparently being a good boy means unrolling a whole roll of toliet paper and flushing it down the toliet. But, that smile!!

And, this little doll? Oh my. Luke went 5 straight days with either not napping at all or waking up after 20 minutes. 5 days, people. 5 days that child slept no more than 20 minutes during his 12-13 waking hours. Cry it out worked well for the twins but what do you do with a child who won't cry in his crib? That stinker will sit in there and play, giggle, laugh, sing, jump, etc for 2 hours. How do I know? B/c I've let him. And, I guess that's just how we roll around here.

It's the moments like these that literally make my heart skip a beat. They aren't set-up. The twins really do love that baby and he loves them right back. Well, except when they take all the good toys and try to exchange him some baby toy for his John Deere truck. Then, I don't think it's quite love he is feeling. And, it probably wasn't love he was feeling either earlier in the summer when they sent him to the ER with chemical burns in both eyes, but those are just minor things. 99% of the time he thinks they are pretty cool!

KSU football opens this weekend. This will be our first year ticketing the boys and planning to take them to most, if not all, of the games. I am sure you'll hear us before you see us. So, if I look right at you and seem to not know you, it's b/c I am trying to find my happy place. Grab me and shake me by the shoulders, ok??

GO CATS!!!!!!!

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Miranda's Minutes said...

Where are your seats!? We'll have to get together at the game. Maybe we really can steal a kid for you sometime! Our seats are on the East side, sect 22 maybe? Somewhere around there.