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Sunday, November 4, 2012

A screw loose?

I guess we don't need to worry about Luke having a screw loose.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Woooooohoooooo! How about them Cats!? The next generation of faithful K-Staters!!! Luke was a wee bit touchy after a full day before a 7 pm start time...he was too busy freaking out because Jereme touched him to participate in the 2nd photo op! You just never know with a three-year-old. Can I get an amen on that??

Thursday, November 1, 2012

If you were near 6th St Park today...

I hope you got to witness my awesome photography skills...both in using a way too expensive camera that I still have no idea how to use besides in Auto Mode and the amazing skills I use to get my subjects to all look the same way, smile, put their hands down, stand still, keep your hands off other people.

 It may or may not have included bribing, voice-raising, threats, pleading, putting leaves on my head, acting like I saw a spider (which some of you will know the depths of my desperation right there).

Here is a sneak preview. Or maybe it's not much of one. Maybe it's just how the overall shoot went...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Recently, the little boys first soccer season ended.  Oh what fun they had!  They loved it and weren't ready to be done.  I see many, many, many, many more sporting events headed our way now that they've had their first experience.

Recently, we spent a Sunday afternoon walking the nature trails in Pratt.  The boys' greatest hope was that we could find a snake.  Their momma's greatest prayer was that we would NOT find a snake.

Recently, God has been impressing upon my heart how much time I am wasting on Facebook.  I am sure most of you self-monitor better than I do.  But, I was finding myself not able to get my "quiet" time done daily but I was sure able to see what was going on in everyone else's lives!!  Sunday at church did I ever hear a WORD.  Spoke directly to my heart, convicting me.  Dang, I hate when that happens.  Grin.  So, I finally heeded what I've known for quite awhile...Facebook is now absent in our house.

Recently, I took what I thought would be the easy way out and bathed all three kids together.  Although I got these cute shots, the aftermath was u.g.l.y.  Rowdy boys need not be in the bathtub together!  End result, WAY more water outside the tub than in the tub.

Recently, I was putting the little boys to bed.  As I was walking out, Isaac sweetly (or so I thought!) says, "I hope you can sleep all right in your bed tonight!"  Me:  "Oh that is so sweet of you Isaac, I am sure I will be fine!"  I, of course, was thinking he was all concerned because Jereme was out of town.  He says, "No really, I hope you can sleep in your bed!"  Hmmm, ok, that's weird but who knows with boys, right!?  Fast forward to about 11:30 pm as I am crawling into bed with more sand in it than is in most sandboxes.  I am thinking a couple little boys took their shoes off in my bed after we spent the afternoon at the park instead of in the laundry room like they were told to do.  Darling little things, aren't they??? 

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Line

I dare you to watch this documentary and not be convicted in some way.  I don't know what that will look like for you but I know what that looks like for me.  For us. Pledging today that this household will give, both financially and in service, in a way that we have never given before.  Sacrificially.  What about you?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

We're official!

**By the way, Jereme asked after reading the last blog post why I left out the most important detail of the night...Luke was spot-on with why his daddy needed to move NOW.  He proceeded to clog the one-holer toliet at the restaurant leaving his momma to have to go report to the manager that it wasn't working.  At all.  Awesome. 

Anywho, we officially entered the sporting world this fall.  The little boys are playing soccer and they have just been over-the-top excited!  They have two great coaches and have learned a lot!  Especially how awesome oranges are at halftime and how fun it is to get a special treat at the end of the game!  We've had so much to laugh about watching these games, missing 3 KSU home games not included.  Grin.
Isaac is obviously super stoked about his first night of practice!

Game Day!

Who else would sponsor this team of cuties than DEKALB??

I can't remember specifically what this conversation was between Luke and his momma.  But, I can guess with almost 99% accuracy it was one of following:
Luke:  I'll fight the Lord.
Me:  Luke, you mean you'll fight the war. 
Luke:  No, I'll fight the Lord. 
Me:  Ok, then it's I'll fight for the Lord.
**As you might've guessed, we've had that convo before.**



Cowboy boots go with anything!  Even when on the wrong feet!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Night Dinner Date(s)

I love that picture floating around that says, "Woooohooo, it's Friday night!  Oh, wait, never mind I am a parent."  Oh ye, with young children, do you feel it, too?  I love my kids but we can't help in the midst of Friday night chaos drift off in our own thoughts of what pre-children Friday nights were like.  I can say with almost complete certainty I never expected these two conversations to occur while out to eat with the family on Friday night. 

Isaac proudly wore his construction vest tonight to dinner.  We made him put a jacket on because you know it's COLD out but he took it off the moment we hit the door of the restaurant.  Should I mention that he had nothing on under his cotton vest that leaves a half inch of his stomach exposed?  I noticed right away but said nothing.  Who wants to fight with a bull-headed 5-year-old over something like that.  Apparently Jereme did. 

Jereme:  Put your hoodie back on, Isaac. 
Isaac:  No. 
Jereme:  You need to put it back on now. 
Isaac:  Why?  I have on my vest!
Jereme:  You can't wear that in here. 
Isaac:  Why??
Jereme:  Isaac, you can't wear something like in a restaurant!
Isaac (oh yes, I am going to use shouty capital letters b/c if you know Isaac you know he does NOT talk quietly):  LOOK IT'S FINE.  I CAN TOO WEAR THIS BECAUSE MY NIPPLES AREN'T EVEN SHOWING!!!!

Well, how can you argue with that reasoning?  I guess you can't because guess who wore his vest the entire time. 

And, then partway through supper...

Luke:  Daddy, move!
Jereme:  You have enough room, Luke. 
Luke:  Daddy scoot over now!!!  I gotta poop and it's GOING TO BE A REALLY STINKING POOP!!!

You've never seen Jereme move that fast.  And, the people sitting around us were so obviously blessed by our family. 

And, that's the precise moment when I drifted off to my happy spot of dinner and drinks once upon a time...

Friday, September 14, 2012

Table Rock Lake (1 of ???)

I hope you like the way I don't post for 2 straight months then jump right back in with a serious topic and  move on the next day to one about my child peeing at church like no big deal.  That's just how we roll around here.
Getting ready to hit the road

Will that be enough beer to get us through 7+ hours in the truck with all three kids?

Not even a chance!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Now back to...

...the regularly scheduled reality of my life. 

Last night at church our Sunday School class was serving supper.  My kiddos had eaten and were outside playing.  No Jereme last night so I was not paying attention to them, multitasking.  I overheard a group of kids coming in saying, "someone has their pants down outside!"  About 10 seconds later, Jorden comes in and tells me near hysterics, "MOMMA!!!  LUKE NEEDS YOUR HELP!"  I go outside and there is my darling 3-year-old standing in the midst of 50+ kids with pants around his ankles and several kids were yelling at him to pull his pants up.  He was crying because he couldn't.  I rescued him, of course, and all was well. 

Oh, why were his pants down, you ask?  Well because he had peed like a big boy.   Right in the middle of the playground.  At church.  With everyone watching.  I am CERTAIN Pratt is completely delighted by our return, aren't you?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I've been caught off-guard...

I had no idea moving back to south central Kansas would lead us to being in contact with a group of people so vehemently against Monsanto and bio-technology.  If you didn't already know it, my man works for Monsanto.  PROUDLY works for Monsanto.

It's fascinating to me.  To us, actually, living in such a rural area that there is such vocal opposition to biotechnology, with Monsanto being the target.  But, when you're the leader it's expected to be the target, I guess.  I wonder if these same people who spread propaganda against biotechnology also realize they are disrespecting one of our nation's hardest working group of 

I am all for each family doing what's right for their own little family unit.  If you want to get your own 1-acre plot and grow all your own food (without chemical or GMOs, of course!) and be self-sustaining, more power to you.  I support it.  And, when you experience Mother Nature in the form of drought, wind, flood, hail, tornado, etc and/or invasion of insects and/or complete crop failure in any given year, you'll be okay.  Why?  Because you can ride your bike on down to the local grocery store and purchase your over-priced- but-still-guaranteed-to-be-organic food and feed your family.

That is an option that is only exercised in America.  Your crop failure won't be life or death but for the farmers around the globe, crop failure is a matter of life or death.  Go on, feed your family the way you farming is a genius niche of the agriculture community and we support the agriculture community.  Monsanto will continue to be a leader and innovator in feeding the WORLD!!  And, also a leader and innovator in conserving our natural resources. 

I'm not a farm kid.  In fact, Jereme occasionally teases me for still being a 'city girl'.  But, it's an honor to love a man who is so passionate about the land, the farmer and raising up the next generation to understand what taking care of the land truly means.  Maybe south central Kansas needs a town hall meeting to help educate that particular community about what biotechnology really is.  I know just the guy to lead it...

Sunday, July 15, 2012


In the past 18 days, we have:
*Moved into a house mid-renovations
*Moved into a house mid-renovations with no baths upstairs, no appliances, no kitchen counter tops, etc.
*Attempted to move 3+ car garage into a small 2 car garage
*Given away a LOT of crap
*Worked around contractors here at any given hour of the day
*Noticed a lot of dead spiders from the bug bombs we set off
*Had a boy with a massive asthma attack/flare-up
*Had a man with West Nile virus
*Had a 2-year old only nap about 2 of those 18 days
*Had a lot of meltdowns
*Remembered the dead spiders after finding out our contractor was bit by a brown recluse and headed to hospital
*Went under contract with a pesticide company to rid us of the apparently ongoing spider family residing here
*Wondered what in the he!! we are doing
*Asked a dear friend who is a therapist if she could get me in a for a little 'break' at Larned
*Cleaned up puke off the brand-new carpet that was installed...break it in sweet boy, break it in!
*Vaguely remembered around 12:30 pm that today is our 12th anniversary.

Happy, happy anniversary, JJH!!  As he so romantically put about 15 minutes ago, "there is no one else I'd rather be scrubbing puke up with than you, baby!"

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I don't know whether to be thankful and proud or embarrassed that I have 2 parents that can still pretty much outwork me! A lot of work was done on the house in Pratt this weekend. Seems crazy that 7 days from tomorrow the movers arrive. Also seems a bit crazier that this will be our 6th move and 6th home purchase in 12 years. Some of those were really challenging moves but looking back, I wouldn't change a one. I have never felt God's blessing on a move like I do this one. His hand has been in it the entire time, even in the details. I foresee a lot of happy memories made on Myrtle St...don't be jealous that I am going to live on a street named Myrtle either!!

 When I got back home last night, the little boys were full of stories for me. Loved these two stories.

 Momma, you know some days when I am trying to take my nap, some big taxi drives up and down the street, ringing his bell and playing music. It just infuriates me. I mean it, JUST INFURIATES ME!!

***How does he know how to use that word correctly and how have we made it 5+ years w/o them knowing that's the ice cream truck??***

 Jereme had to wake the boys up one morning to work...needless to say our boys are pretty spoiled by sleeping till whenever they want most days. Jereme said if looks could kill he would've been dead by the way the kids reacted to being woke early in the morning...he said it was a very clear glimpse into our future! They definitely are their parents kids with wanting to stay up late and sleep in a little later.

My favorite part of being with daddy was playing at the park in Concordia. I like that park. My least favorite part...{20 second pause}...was when daddy woke me up this morning!! DADDY WHY'D YOU DO THAT? WHY DID YOU WAKE ME UP LIKE THAT SO EARLY????

 Jereme and I are both blessed to have been raised by great dads. I am also so blessed that the boy who captured my heart 14 years ago is a great dad, too! Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of course I am not about to push my little brother off of this tractor...

I'll just do a little break-dancing instead (Momma, you should do this to help with the ol' muffin top issue!)

Thank God he's occupied dancing for the camera and leaving me alone.


Considering not being so sweet

Future mowers-in-training

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Is it okay to use a sad face for a title post?  I've noticed this past week or so my emotions seem to be right at the surface.  I am weepy about so many things.  It finally dawned on me...although we so delight in watching the harvest crews head down south and then seeing combines moving in the field right here in Kansas, it sure brings a sense of sadness upon me.  I don't think I feel the sting of missing my Grandpa and Jereme's dad more so than when the combines are rolling in the field.  So much loss is wrapped up in the death of those two men.  We miss them so much and we miss them so much for our boys.  Both came from a long line of family farms.  With their deaths, so came the separation from the family farm to someone else farming/renting the family farm.  It's difficult to explain but for those that have experienced this loss no explanation is needed.  It's weird how one moment we are excitedly pointing out to our boys the harvest crews and then in the very next moment, Jereme and I will look at each other trying to hold back our tears.  Makes me think of Amy Grant's song:
"We pour out our miseries,
God just hears a melody
Beautiful, the mess we are
the honest cries of breaking hearts
are better than a hallelujah."

Jereme checking Grandpa's wheat just 6 short weeks after he died

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm not ready for these conversations

Right before rest time today this was Isaac and my conversation:

I:  Momma, where does our pee come from?
Me:  What??
I:  Where does our pee come from?
Me:  Well, when we drink fluids like water and milk our body uses what it needs and then our bladder holds what we don't need until we pee it out. 
I:  What's a bladder?
Me:  It's the part of our body that holds the fluids we don't need. 
I:  Oh.  Is that what those balls are in my underwear?
Me:  WHAT!?
I:  I have those things that are like balls in my that my bladder that holds the pee? 
Me:  Um, no. 
I:  What are those then?
Me:  Um.  Ok.  Those are called testicles. 
I:  Testicles? 
Me:  Yes. 
I:  What are testicles? 
(Oh sweet mother of mercy do I really have to have this conversation.  Why oh why isn't their father ever around in moments like these???)
Me:  {Big sigh} Your testicles are a part of your body that will someday help you have a baby with your wife. 
I:  What is a wife??
Me:  Your wife is the woman you are married to.  I am daddy's wife. 
I:  I'm a boy!!!  Boys don't have babies!!
Me:  I know that, son, but it takes a man and a woman to have a baby. 


I:  Ok. 
My only thought:  Thank you, sweet Jesus, that's the end of that conversation.  For now.  I know Isaac far too well to assume that's the end of it.  But, it appears he might be going to see Poppa and Mimi for some special time.  One can only hope he'll want to continue that conversation with them...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Lots of exciting things happening at our house the past few weeks! We were able to continue our house-selling streak which was a complete shock to us and we are so grateful. God's hand has been so evident in this move for us...we are blessed and so at peace. In a really crummy time and tough market, we got an offer/contract on our house within 2 weeks. That makes 5 houses we've been able to sell within 2 weeks. I quite candidly told Jereme we best not go for 6!!!

For the first time ever, we had to have a plumber come and snake out our lines. He said he had to go almost 100 ft out and he was completely baffled at what could've created that situation. I, on the other hand, am not the least bit shocked. He obviously had not met our boys.

And, just a few cute sayings from our boys.

 Isaac: Momma, how do I find the person I am going to marry? I mean, how will I know?

 Me (to be honest, I really wanted to answer these questions with, well, we're not worried about this b/c we aren't planning to let you ever leave the house): We will pray. We will pray even now that God will reveal to you who He wants you to spend your life with.

Isaac: (Contemplates this for a bit) Ok. Well, will I get to have chocolate cake at my wedding??

***Ah, now I see what the cause for concern was!***

 Luke after every nap and in the morning when you open his door: Get up here now on my bed. Snuggle me!!
 ***I dare you to resist him!***

 And, Jorden has completely mastered monkey bars! He is quite proud of himself and can do all sorts of tricks to swing himself up on the bars. It's amazing and quite terrifying!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012


Tomorrow our little boys turn 5. I can hardly believe that or stand it. In this warm short-wearing weather, I just look at them all knobby-knees and legs and wonder how is it that I spend virtually every minute in a day with them and don't realize how quickly they are changing. They are such good boys. Ornery boys. Loveable boys. Wild boys. Smart boys. Rambunctious boys. Full of life boys. Up to no good boys. Hungry boys. Tired boys. Sweet boys. Learning to be gentlemen boys. Give lots of kisses boys. Still hugging on momma and daddy boys. All eyes on their daddy boys.

5 Things About Raising Twins:
1. It is so amazing to watch their bond and see them take off outside and play together for hours.
2. It scares the daylights out of me the scheming that they do together.
3. It must be so great to have a friend that sleeps in your room (and sometimes your bed) every night and wakes up with you. A 24/7 playmate.
4. It must be so hard to have someone that shares literally everything in your space, including your underwear.
5. It truly is double the fun (and sometimes double the trouble and always double the mess).

5 Things You Might Not Know About Our Boys:
1. They are not going to Kindergarten next year.
2. They are STILL within 1 pound, usually a half of a pound, and 1/2 inch of one another.
3. Although they are so rough-and-tumble, they still love to be held, cuddled and kissed.
4. They often go to the track to run with me and easily complete a half mile if I ask them to get some exercise.
5. Most full-length movies scare them. They rarely watch any Disney, Pixar, etc type movies. We've tried to go to the theater a few times but always end up leaving in tears. The kids because they were scared and me because I can't believe I just spent $30 to watch 27 minutes of a movie.

5 Things About Isaac:
1. Obsessed with any type of or construction, especially.
2. Adores chocolate. Especially chocolate cake.
3. Will never forget anything you EVER told him or any detail to ANY story.
4. Although wild and full of energy, a thinker who approaches new things with caution.
5. Is willing to consider playing t-ball this summer but can't understand why football isn't an option for him.

5 Things About Jorden:
1. Can throw a ball and shoot hoops like a pro already.
2. Nearly gives me a heart attack the way he just jumps off anything or into anything.
3. Is already an excellent driver (sidebar: Jereme and I often talk about how frightening it is that Jorden is so comfy in the driver's seat of Jereme's mule with Isaac in the passenger seat telling Jorden to go this way or that or do something crazy all while giggling hysterically)
4. Loves teasing and jokes.
5. Is a total nut about is seriously not unusual to find him carrying around a LIVE spider.

I say it all the time but I have found nothing more humbling in this life than becoming a parent. I love the quote that having children is like having your heart walk around outside your body all day long. True words. 5 years ago, God blessed us beyond measure...more than we deserve and I am thankful for every one of those 1,825 days. Even the tough ones. Happy 5th Birthday, Isaac Warren House! Happy 5th Birthday, Jorden Samuel House! I love you to the moon and back!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Changes Changes Changes

Changes changes changes…that seems to be the theme of our married life. I think the past 2 1/2 years has been about the calmest I can remember. It’s fitting that exciting changes are about to take place, again. Jereme has been given the opportunity to relocate with Monsanto back to South Central Kansas. This has been something we have prayed, talked and sometimes agonized over…we really have been humbled throughout the process of waiting to see what God had in store for our family.

So, with that, Jereme has accepted a new territory with DEKALB/Asgrow (Monsanto) that will move us back to Pratt. Everything about this is bittersweet. If his dad hadn’t died, we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to purchase the family farm. Without the family farm, we probably wouldn’t be so connected and drawn back to that area. I think, for Jereme, the thought of being actively involved in the farm again while also having the ability to take his boys out with him is almost too much. He’s said often how strongly he desires to instill in his boys the lessons he learned on the farm.

We’ve made great friends here in Clay and it won’t be easy to leave them. Yet, most of our family lives in the south central Kansas so we are thrilled to be within an hour of all our parents and siblings. We also have great friends and our church home in Pratt that we’ve missed so much, too.

And, let’s be honest…anyone who knows Jereme will understand that just the chance to be reunited with his Channel 12 news team, including Merrill and Ross, is reason enough to make a move!!

The days ahead will be crazy. But, look for us…we’ll be here in Clay for a little while longer. Or, on the road and in Pratt, trying to get resettled. Or, maybe, just maybe, you’ll find Jereme out with his boys at the farm…walking the fields, checking systems, learning to love the land just like he did with his daddy and granddaddy.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I had it coming...

Really, it was my fault.

Tuesday was a crazy day with two little boys. I think, though, it began the day before. Luke-bean had strep AGAIN. I ran him over to Manhattan for an early evening appointment. The decision was made to give him a hefty dose of penicillin via a shot and keep him monitored as his temp had reached 104.5.

I was pretty fearful of what that meant with the little boys in tow. But, they were awesome. Absolutely no problem at all. They were probably petrified they would have to endure the 90-second shot in the booty like poor baby boy did.

So, Tuesday came with a normal preschool morning. Who knew but God at that point what the rest of the day would hold. In the course of the afternoon and evening, this is only a partial list of what occurred with 2 little boys:

*Boys found in window well on side of house.
*Boys rescued by their momma back up out of window well.
*Boys told stay out of window well.
*Momma returns back in house with sick boy; cue little boys right back into window well.
*2 little boys giggling like crazy returning into house with Isaac's toolbox from Poppa.
*Toolbox opened. Multitudes of frogs jumping all over the house.
*Frogs recaptured into toolbox. Boys told to get those frogs back outside.
*Momma looks out door. Little boys are launching frogs off our deck. Should I mention we have a walk-out basement with the deck off the main floor???
*Boys find super-soaker water guns. Fill them with water from dog dish. Boys stand at front windows and shoot water into house through screens.
*Boys ask if they can do sidewalk chalk. Of course. Boys color side of house with sidewalk chalk.
*Honestly, I have no idea what happened next except they returned to the door eventually covered in dirt, grass, chalk, mulch and both bleeding. Honestly, I didn't really care.

I cleaned them up, put them in jammies, turned on the TV and thought about how big of a bowl of ice cream I was going to eat in 24 minutes...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Time Marches On

For the first time in 5 years, no one is sleeping in a crib in our house. Luke is already so good at keeping up with his big brothers, I guess it's fitting that he has transitioned to a big boy bed with nothing short of grins and giggles. Might be too much for this momma's heart, though, to see him snoozing away in a big bed and thinking about his brothers turning 5 in a couple weeks!! We thought we better put a picture of the little boys room on, too. It's never this picked up...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

People of Walmart

It shouldn't just be limited to pictures. Here was the conversation that transpired between me and a patron of Walmart last weekend in Pratt, USA:

Person of Walmart: OH MY GOODNESS, are those twins?!?!
Me: Yes.
POW: They are so cute. They are identical.
Me: Actually, they aren't.
POW: No? They look so much alike! They aren't identical?
Me: No.
POW: But, they're twins (already looks thoroughly confused)??!?
Me: Nope, not identical but they do look more alike now than ever.
POW: So, what are they then?
Me: Fraternal twins.
POW: They aren't identical twins?
Me: No.

Long pause......wait for it....

POW: Are you sure they are twins?
Me: Almost 99% sure.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012