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Friday, September 14, 2012

Table Rock Lake (1 of ???)

I hope you like the way I don't post for 2 straight months then jump right back in with a serious topic and  move on the next day to one about my child peeing at church like no big deal.  That's just how we roll around here.
Getting ready to hit the road

Will that be enough beer to get us through 7+ hours in the truck with all three kids?

Not even a chance!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Now back to...

...the regularly scheduled reality of my life. 

Last night at church our Sunday School class was serving supper.  My kiddos had eaten and were outside playing.  No Jereme last night so I was not paying attention to them, multitasking.  I overheard a group of kids coming in saying, "someone has their pants down outside!"  About 10 seconds later, Jorden comes in and tells me near hysterics, "MOMMA!!!  LUKE NEEDS YOUR HELP!"  I go outside and there is my darling 3-year-old standing in the midst of 50+ kids with pants around his ankles and several kids were yelling at him to pull his pants up.  He was crying because he couldn't.  I rescued him, of course, and all was well. 

Oh, why were his pants down, you ask?  Well because he had peed like a big boy.   Right in the middle of the playground.  At church.  With everyone watching.  I am CERTAIN Pratt is completely delighted by our return, aren't you?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I've been caught off-guard...

I had no idea moving back to south central Kansas would lead us to being in contact with a group of people so vehemently against Monsanto and bio-technology.  If you didn't already know it, my man works for Monsanto.  PROUDLY works for Monsanto.

It's fascinating to me.  To us, actually, living in such a rural area that there is such vocal opposition to biotechnology, with Monsanto being the target.  But, when you're the leader it's expected to be the target, I guess.  I wonder if these same people who spread propaganda against biotechnology also realize they are disrespecting one of our nation's hardest working group of 

I am all for each family doing what's right for their own little family unit.  If you want to get your own 1-acre plot and grow all your own food (without chemical or GMOs, of course!) and be self-sustaining, more power to you.  I support it.  And, when you experience Mother Nature in the form of drought, wind, flood, hail, tornado, etc and/or invasion of insects and/or complete crop failure in any given year, you'll be okay.  Why?  Because you can ride your bike on down to the local grocery store and purchase your over-priced- but-still-guaranteed-to-be-organic food and feed your family.

That is an option that is only exercised in America.  Your crop failure won't be life or death but for the farmers around the globe, crop failure is a matter of life or death.  Go on, feed your family the way you farming is a genius niche of the agriculture community and we support the agriculture community.  Monsanto will continue to be a leader and innovator in feeding the WORLD!!  And, also a leader and innovator in conserving our natural resources. 

I'm not a farm kid.  In fact, Jereme occasionally teases me for still being a 'city girl'.  But, it's an honor to love a man who is so passionate about the land, the farmer and raising up the next generation to understand what taking care of the land truly means.  Maybe south central Kansas needs a town hall meeting to help educate that particular community about what biotechnology really is.  I know just the guy to lead it...