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Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday night...

Bunco is at our house tonight. I made a deal with Jereme if he took the twins early, then I would keep Luke at home. He swung by this afternoon and picked up two very excited little boys. So, I finished "fake" cleaning the house and off to the store and liquor store Luke and I went. I pulled up to the liquor store and tried to decide what was the lesser of two evils: a) taking an 8-month-old into the LQ or b) leaving an 8-month-old in the car while I went into LQ. I chose option B. Please don't turn me into Child Protective Services.

The biggest letdown of the day so far? I didn't get carded. I was so used to our previous Small-town, USA's liquor store that I didn't think twice about not being carded. We all knew one another. But, this was my first time here. What is it? The fine lines (ok fine, wrinkles) showing around my eyes and mouth? Those last baby-weight pounds that just won't seem to go away (how long is it okay to keep calling it baby weight????)? The minivan? The "mom" purse? The beat-down housewife look and attire? I don't know. Dang it, I just want to be carded.

I'm just sayin'.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Whatever you call her...Mimi Judy spent too much time working with Luke!!! We officially have a crawler!! Luke has successfully emptied the boys play barn, shut off the TV twice at the power strip behind the TV table and oh so much more today.

But, I'll forgive you for enticing him to crawl since you landscaped a big flower bed, washed windows, cleaned light fixtures, trimmed shrubs, AND loved on the boys. Thanks!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It just comes naturally...

We really don't set out to be rednecks. Really, we don't. Somehow, it just happens. Tonight, I had a brief chat with my mom on the phone. Put my phone in my windbreaker pocket. Then, we loaded up on my dad's Mule (Jereme's borrowing from dad for planting season) to go for a little ride around the neighborhood. Yes, I realize this borders on redneck. Most people take their kids on bikes, in wagons or in a stroller, but alas, not us, we go in the Mule.

So, there we all sit. Cruising around Small-town America. 2 dirty-faced boys and one little baby who doesn't even have on any socks, for crying out loud. We make it home. We all go inside. I realize I have not a clue where my phone is. I use Jereme's phone to call it. I remember that I put it on silent while at the park and store today. I call it one more time b/c apparently I just don't quite want to believe this. Mind you we are already 30 minutes or so past the children's normal bedtime.

Jereme: Where do you remember having it last?
Me: I know where I had it last.
Jereme: Huh?
Me: I put it in my pocket before we got on the mule. Do you think it could've fallen out?
Jereme (maintaining great self-discipline by not even rolling his eyes once): Yes. Are you going to go look for it?
Me: Well, shouldn't we get the kids to bed.
Jereme: Um, ya, but it's already almost dark. You better go now. Should I put the kids to bed?
Me: Hmmmmm. Well, go ahead and do Luke. I'll do the twins when I get back.
Jereme: The key to the Mule is up on the shelf.
Me: I'm not taking the Mule.
Jereme: Why not? What else are you going to take?
Me: The minivan.
Jereme: What in the *BLEEP*? Why are you going to take the van; you won't be able to see anything. Take the Mule and go back over the route we went.
Me: Just go put the baby down. BOYS, c'mon.

So, I loaded up the twins, made their day by telling them they didn't have to wear their seatbelts. And, guess what? I found that phone about 1.5 miles from home, on a dirt road in front of the "nice neighborhood" in Small-town USA (Don't get me started why the nice areas of this town are dirt roads. I just can't go there right now.). So, I hop out of the ultra-cool, my super-sweet ride of a minivan and cheer loudly b/c there is my phone, covered in white dirt. I turn around and there are my boys (who remember, were not restrained) with the sliding doors wide open cheering for me, too.

Oh, did I mention the twins were buck-naked? Well, not completely. They did have on their socks.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Can you hear the Hallelujahs? (You'll understand after you read or, maybe you won't.)

I just had something happen for the first time in my parenting career. You don't have to brace yourselves. I am sure all sorts of ideas are running through your head on what could've possibly happened in this house again, but there is no nudity, puking or worse involved in this story.

But, anyways, I was sitting in the living room. I hear someone open the boys' bedroom door. I thought, well dang, they only slept 1.5 hours and I just got on the computer. To be honest, I don't even know which child it was that left the room although I am guessing Jorden. *Sidenote: I am such a stellar parent, aren't I? That last sentence just says it all...I did not even get up to see which child it was. Whatever.* I hear that little boy go into the bathroom. Not totally unusual, they often go potty as soon as they wake up. But then, whomever it was, walked back into their room, shut the door and it has been silent ever since. And, that was 45 minutes ago. He went back to sleep!? WHAT? More time that I can be online, er, I mean, cleaning and folding laundry? Did I just hear the Hallelujah Chorus?

**By the way, you can't see them in this picture but baby boy has 2 bottom teeth!!**

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I don't wanna be a wimp...

I am determined to get better at all things "boy". Actually, God is going to demand it if I shall survive raising three boys.

This really doesn't have anything to with the fact that I punked out on the half-marathon I was supposed to run. What can I say, I was NO WHERE near ready to do it. As in, the furthest I'd run was 1/2 the distance of a 1/2. What can I say? I don't want to lose ALL the baby weight too soon.

But, I digress. We've had a lot of rain here. And, a lot of rain means a lot of worms. And, a lot of worms mean a lot of excitement from 2 little boys. I was fixing supper the other night when Isaac comes barreling in the house/kitchen with a hand FULL of worms. But, proof of my wimpiness subsiding is evident in the fact that I didn't scream or freak out. I told him that was great after he felt the need to thrust the entire handful as close to my face as he could and then told him that worms liked to be outside. Then, I prayed fervently that he a) would listen and b) made it outside before tripping.

Some of the "grands" at the farm eating cookies!

Luke getting his first 4-wheeler ride with Poppa!

Rub-a-dub-dub, three sweet boys in the tub!

Friday, April 16, 2010

If he weren't so dang cute...

This is baby boy showing me my days are numbered. He is about to be on the move. Sweet Luke is now up on all fours.

Of course, this is me still trying to convince myself that I have some smidgen of control over the two that are mobile. So, I keep telling myself that I'll have no control when I have three on the move. But, then, again, if I had any control now, why did I have one child whizzing off the retaining wall while the other was standing in the street doing the same thing? B/c I turned my back for 5 seconds to get baby boy out after unloading the twins from the car.

*sigh* People, this is why we are back to living in small town, America. The expectations of neighborhood behavior has drastically declined. And, in our case, that's a good thing...

Happiness is...

Daddy's new riding lawn mower!!

And, let's be honest, the twins aren't the only ones who are happy. This momma is happy to be relieved of the duty of push-mowing for 2.5+ hours on the lot from, well, you know...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Supposed to be Random Thoughts Thursday but this is Random Thoughts Sunday, instead

This house needs some estrogen! *Sidenote: I am NOT pregnant.*

Could we possibly watch any more movies about semis, tractors, excavators, loaders, big machines? I tried my dangdest this morning to get the kids to watch a Disney movie with me but nope, "Big Trucks Rollin'" won out.
*Another sidenote: Three snotty-nosed kids and one cougher is why we were watching movies and not in church, just for those of you who were wondering.*

And, I try really hard to get the boys to do stickers, coloring, playing 'house' with me. They will last a few minutes but inevitably, wrestling, tractor-pushing and running around screaming like a hyenna always wins out.

I don't know why and honestly I really don't want to know but the twins came into our room this morning and crawled into bed totally naked.

After we had made several stops yesterday and had gotten in and out of the car for the 4th time, Isaac says, "Listen, I am getting really tired of this" plain as day. Hello, self-reflection time.

Isaac scares me. Yesterday we ate in Aggieville and he just waved and waved and waved to all the pretty girls walking by on such a beautiful day. I don't like where this is going.

Jorden, smarty-pants boy that he is, has got it figured out. We went to Coldstone for a birthday treat. He "helped" Jereme and me eat our ice cream first before eating his. That boy is after my own heart, I tell ya.

And, Luke, oh, Luke is ever the sweetheart. He tolerates being drug all over creation, skipping naps, having to go hours on end without a dry diaper b/c we forget he isn't potty-trained all with his signature smile and dimples.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Boys!

Dear Isaac and Jorden,

Three years ago today, I was scared to death. Scared until I heard your precious cries, relieved for about 2 seconds and then scared to death again about how we were going to take care of two little babies. It makes me smile and laugh now to think back on that day and the sheer emotion of it.

But, here I am three years later and I am scared to death again. Scared because the days are going so quickly and you are changing right before my eyes. Scared that I am not drinking in every day and cherishing these fleeting moments.

Isaac , you are a character all your own. Your laugh is truly contagious and the gleam in your eye slightly frightening. I love watching you play with all your farm equipment and trains. You know how to put everything just so. You are so bold and love to talk in all situations. You are full, just full to the brim, of energy but will sit forever on our laps and let us read you books. You are so smart and we marvel at the things you know, remember and tell us. Little boy, you are a delight and we love you so much.

Jorden, our sweet, tender-hearted boy. Your smile is truly precious and lights up a room. You build great things with your Legos, love to play ball and we take great joy in watching you play with your little brother. You give love so easily to those closest to you. You are a true water bug and adore playing in any type of water. Although just slightly less vocal than your brother, you are also incredibly bright and amaze us! Little boy, you, too, are our delight and we love you so much.

We thank God for the privilege of rearing these three blessings. Happy 3rd Birthday, Isaac Warren House and Jorden Samuel House!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Family pic!

We never seem to all be in a picture at once! So, here's proof...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mother of the Year, I am not.

If I haven't already, I will withdraw my application for the above award tomorrow. As I was about to tuck the boys in bed tonight, after a LONG, HARD-WORKING and FUN-FILLED day at the farm, it dawned on me, I never fed them a single thing for supper. Those sweet babies never mentioned a word. I asked them if they wanted something to eat and they scarfed down a peanut butter sandwich, a string-cheese and glass of milk in under 4 minutes. Awesome. I rock.