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Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday night...

Bunco is at our house tonight. I made a deal with Jereme if he took the twins early, then I would keep Luke at home. He swung by this afternoon and picked up two very excited little boys. So, I finished "fake" cleaning the house and off to the store and liquor store Luke and I went. I pulled up to the liquor store and tried to decide what was the lesser of two evils: a) taking an 8-month-old into the LQ or b) leaving an 8-month-old in the car while I went into LQ. I chose option B. Please don't turn me into Child Protective Services.

The biggest letdown of the day so far? I didn't get carded. I was so used to our previous Small-town, USA's liquor store that I didn't think twice about not being carded. We all knew one another. But, this was my first time here. What is it? The fine lines (ok fine, wrinkles) showing around my eyes and mouth? Those last baby-weight pounds that just won't seem to go away (how long is it okay to keep calling it baby weight????)? The minivan? The "mom" purse? The beat-down housewife look and attire? I don't know. Dang it, I just want to be carded.

I'm just sayin'.


Ann said...

I didn't know you had a blog!!! Had a great time at your place Friday night!!! Looking forward to next month already!!! See ya soon!!

Tiffany said...

LOL. I wrestled with this very same thing a couple weeks ago...and chose A) because there were two vehicles with people in them sitting outside by my van. Then I left the liquor store without my beer....jeepers. At least I remembered the baby I suppose :)