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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Boys!

Dear Isaac and Jorden,

Three years ago today, I was scared to death. Scared until I heard your precious cries, relieved for about 2 seconds and then scared to death again about how we were going to take care of two little babies. It makes me smile and laugh now to think back on that day and the sheer emotion of it.

But, here I am three years later and I am scared to death again. Scared because the days are going so quickly and you are changing right before my eyes. Scared that I am not drinking in every day and cherishing these fleeting moments.

Isaac , you are a character all your own. Your laugh is truly contagious and the gleam in your eye slightly frightening. I love watching you play with all your farm equipment and trains. You know how to put everything just so. You are so bold and love to talk in all situations. You are full, just full to the brim, of energy but will sit forever on our laps and let us read you books. You are so smart and we marvel at the things you know, remember and tell us. Little boy, you are a delight and we love you so much.

Jorden, our sweet, tender-hearted boy. Your smile is truly precious and lights up a room. You build great things with your Legos, love to play ball and we take great joy in watching you play with your little brother. You give love so easily to those closest to you. You are a true water bug and adore playing in any type of water. Although just slightly less vocal than your brother, you are also incredibly bright and amaze us! Little boy, you, too, are our delight and we love you so much.

We thank God for the privilege of rearing these three blessings. Happy 3rd Birthday, Isaac Warren House and Jorden Samuel House!!

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Cricketchirp said...

Diane, that was a beautiful letter! I hope you print it out and put it in their books. :-)