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Saturday, October 30, 2010

A few Hawaii pics

We made it!!!

View overlooking the back of the resort grounds

View from our course and ocean

An Austrian military vehicle that we took off-roading.

This is obviously just as we got going b/c a pic taken any time over the next 40 minutes would have me looking like I wanted to puke.

Waterfall hiking. We had had quite a bit of "fun" the previous night at the awards ceremony and I was expecting a leisurely hike. Um, not quite. Needless to say, we hiked/sweated that alcohol out of our systems!

I don't know what we were doing when we took this photo?? Apparently swimming...maybe this was the Catermaran excursion trip.

Scary self-portrait before going out on the last night. I was obviously done with straightening and doing my hair.

MY Master Sales man!!!

Still waiting to get our link for the pics from the trip the photographer took!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Interesting (okay, RANDOM) thoughts from Hawaii trip

*After 7 days in a row of blow-drying out and straightening my hair, I can guarantee you one thing, I'll be getting it chopped soon.

*Much to the astonishment of my husband (and all who know me well), I was able to put make-up on 6 days in a row and not any yoga pants.

*I could possibly be the only human alive that went to Hawaii for 7 days and came back with not a lick of a tan. 2 empty bottles of sunscreen prove it.

*Honestly and truly, I only took about 20 pics while there...Monsanto hired a photographer who was at every event, excursion and even the beach/pool (CRINGE!). It was a fantabulous perk!

*It is almost as much of a language barrier to talk to the folks from the Carolinas as it was to talk to the people from S. America, India, Netherlands, etc!!! Seriously, I couldn't understand them!!!

*It only took Luke about 3 days to forget about me and start calling my mom, "momma".

*I am quite certain the twins missed us, oh, um, NOT AT ALL!

*The more formal the event, the more clothes the men put on and the less clothes the women have on.

*You'll see it all at the beach. The Indian folks dressed in full attire (and of course by that I mean the women, the men were stripped down and in the water) from neck to toe, never entering the water and the ladies of S. America in dental floss swimsuits.

*One drink at a Hawaiian resort will literally cost you $15. On the other hand, any Monsanto-related function means free-for-all on the booze so it all evens out.

*Seeing your man accept an award that only about 100 people get globally in a company that employs around 18,000 people is pretty awesome. I am super proud of him!

*And, even more proud of him when on Day 5 he looks at me and says, "I'm ready to go home and get our boys!"

That's all my brain-dead mind can handle for now. We were up for around 37 straight hours, minus a few dozing hours on the plane...FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE...absolutely delighted to get my kiddos and be back at home in Small Town, USA!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Mad Scientist on our hands???

Jereme thinks Luke is destined to be a mad scientist since he already has the hairdo down...

And, a little bathtub/shower fun!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

These are the things I don't understand...

***I don't understand why these two are so stinkin' cute...even when they are doing the exact opposite of what I told them to do?
***I also don't understand why they are getting so big so fast?

***I don't understand how one child can be this darling? And, ornery? And, bullheaded? And, sweet all at the same time???

And, what I REALLY don't understand is why I can be completely caught up on all laundry on Thursday night and 4 days later I have this much to fold and put away? Seriously!? Thank goodness I don't have girls...can you imagine? Where do all of these clothes come from in that short amount of time????

Monday, October 4, 2010


First things big boy in his Wildcat jammies!

Tonight as the kiddos were eating their supper (Jereme working late...surprised!?), we were listening to some praise music. The boys asked if they could get up and dance so I said sure. Here they are dancing...even Luke joins in. One of the twins said, "Momma, we are dancing for Jesus". Be still my heart and keep those tears at prayer for all three boys...that they will always dance for Jesus!