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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Recently, the little boys first soccer season ended.  Oh what fun they had!  They loved it and weren't ready to be done.  I see many, many, many, many more sporting events headed our way now that they've had their first experience.

Recently, we spent a Sunday afternoon walking the nature trails in Pratt.  The boys' greatest hope was that we could find a snake.  Their momma's greatest prayer was that we would NOT find a snake.

Recently, God has been impressing upon my heart how much time I am wasting on Facebook.  I am sure most of you self-monitor better than I do.  But, I was finding myself not able to get my "quiet" time done daily but I was sure able to see what was going on in everyone else's lives!!  Sunday at church did I ever hear a WORD.  Spoke directly to my heart, convicting me.  Dang, I hate when that happens.  Grin.  So, I finally heeded what I've known for quite awhile...Facebook is now absent in our house.

Recently, I took what I thought would be the easy way out and bathed all three kids together.  Although I got these cute shots, the aftermath was u.g.l.y.  Rowdy boys need not be in the bathtub together!  End result, WAY more water outside the tub than in the tub.

Recently, I was putting the little boys to bed.  As I was walking out, Isaac sweetly (or so I thought!) says, "I hope you can sleep all right in your bed tonight!"  Me:  "Oh that is so sweet of you Isaac, I am sure I will be fine!"  I, of course, was thinking he was all concerned because Jereme was out of town.  He says, "No really, I hope you can sleep in your bed!"  Hmmm, ok, that's weird but who knows with boys, right!?  Fast forward to about 11:30 pm as I am crawling into bed with more sand in it than is in most sandboxes.  I am thinking a couple little boys took their shoes off in my bed after we spent the afternoon at the park instead of in the laundry room like they were told to do.  Darling little things, aren't they??? 

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Line

I dare you to watch this documentary and not be convicted in some way.  I don't know what that will look like for you but I know what that looks like for me.  For us. Pledging today that this household will give, both financially and in service, in a way that we have never given before.  Sacrificially.  What about you?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

We're official!

**By the way, Jereme asked after reading the last blog post why I left out the most important detail of the night...Luke was spot-on with why his daddy needed to move NOW.  He proceeded to clog the one-holer toliet at the restaurant leaving his momma to have to go report to the manager that it wasn't working.  At all.  Awesome. 

Anywho, we officially entered the sporting world this fall.  The little boys are playing soccer and they have just been over-the-top excited!  They have two great coaches and have learned a lot!  Especially how awesome oranges are at halftime and how fun it is to get a special treat at the end of the game!  We've had so much to laugh about watching these games, missing 3 KSU home games not included.  Grin.
Isaac is obviously super stoked about his first night of practice!

Game Day!

Who else would sponsor this team of cuties than DEKALB??

I can't remember specifically what this conversation was between Luke and his momma.  But, I can guess with almost 99% accuracy it was one of following:
Luke:  I'll fight the Lord.
Me:  Luke, you mean you'll fight the war. 
Luke:  No, I'll fight the Lord. 
Me:  Ok, then it's I'll fight for the Lord.
**As you might've guessed, we've had that convo before.**



Cowboy boots go with anything!  Even when on the wrong feet!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Night Dinner Date(s)

I love that picture floating around that says, "Woooohooo, it's Friday night!  Oh, wait, never mind I am a parent."  Oh ye, with young children, do you feel it, too?  I love my kids but we can't help in the midst of Friday night chaos drift off in our own thoughts of what pre-children Friday nights were like.  I can say with almost complete certainty I never expected these two conversations to occur while out to eat with the family on Friday night. 

Isaac proudly wore his construction vest tonight to dinner.  We made him put a jacket on because you know it's COLD out but he took it off the moment we hit the door of the restaurant.  Should I mention that he had nothing on under his cotton vest that leaves a half inch of his stomach exposed?  I noticed right away but said nothing.  Who wants to fight with a bull-headed 5-year-old over something like that.  Apparently Jereme did. 

Jereme:  Put your hoodie back on, Isaac. 
Isaac:  No. 
Jereme:  You need to put it back on now. 
Isaac:  Why?  I have on my vest!
Jereme:  You can't wear that in here. 
Isaac:  Why??
Jereme:  Isaac, you can't wear something like in a restaurant!
Isaac (oh yes, I am going to use shouty capital letters b/c if you know Isaac you know he does NOT talk quietly):  LOOK IT'S FINE.  I CAN TOO WEAR THIS BECAUSE MY NIPPLES AREN'T EVEN SHOWING!!!!

Well, how can you argue with that reasoning?  I guess you can't because guess who wore his vest the entire time. 

And, then partway through supper...

Luke:  Daddy, move!
Jereme:  You have enough room, Luke. 
Luke:  Daddy scoot over now!!!  I gotta poop and it's GOING TO BE A REALLY STINKING POOP!!!

You've never seen Jereme move that fast.  And, the people sitting around us were so obviously blessed by our family. 

And, that's the precise moment when I drifted off to my happy spot of dinner and drinks once upon a time...