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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Can I stand on my soapbox for just a minute...

Nothing prompted this...just casual observation through recent interactions both in real life and via FB/blogs.

Girls, can we work really hard on something this next year? Truly, the "drama" in my life is pretty minimal. But, I think that's because I work hard at choosing to ignore it. I am noticing more and more a trend amongst all of us. Whether in social situations, on Facebook (WORST CULPRIT), blogs, playgroups, girls' nights out, and on and on, we are our own worst enemy.

So, for 2012, let's cut this junk out. Let's stop posting 'articles' online (blogs, FB, etc) that are not so subtly implying some method/choice of parenting is better than others or ambiguious call outs about 'I guess you know who your real girlfriends are'. I used to think men were so competitive. Be around a group of women long enough and you will see fierce competition about who is the busiest, most tired, most stressed, who only cooks from scratch because she loves her family so much, who nursed and co-slept longest and who hasn't had a moment to herself since 1994.

Don't forget stay-at-home vs work-outside-the-home, in shape vs outta shape, organic eating vs non-organic, scarf wearer vs no scarfs, jeans tucked in boots vs boots under jeans, college-educated vs non-college-educated, married vs not married. Seriously, this list could go on and on.

We all, apparently, want to be the martyr. God knows how I have fallen (and sometimes still do!) prey to this way of thinking! And, we also want to believe the choices we make are best. Embrace it, girl. The choices you make for you and your family are the best for you and your family. I love it! Go for it!! Just do it with an attitude that someone else might choose differently and that's great.

Let's call this what it is...we are allowing the enemy to divide us. We have to be savvy to his tactics!! So, my call to action for all us girls in 2012 is this: Let's stand united...shoulder to shoulder...supporting one another and loving each other even though the choices we make might be incredibly different.

Soapbox moment done.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Not jiving...

Anybody who knows us well is aware that I have nicknamed Jereme "Safety Sam". I could list many reasons but, just one thing doesn't seem to jive. How is it that I had explain to Jereme for 30 minutes yesterday why it was perfectly safe and legal for us to let the little boys out of the 5-point harness car seats and into boosters with backs and yet a couple weeks earlier, this is where the little boys were with DADDY'S PERMISSION??

And, isn't it so typical that we would be at the KSU b-ball game and Jorden told me twice that "Momma should've brought her hairbrush". I said "What? WHY?" Of course, you know it was a silent moment that overcame the entire coliseum for Jorden to holler "You should've brought your hairbrush to brush that lady's hair right there!!!" And, right there would be 2 rows in front of us with no one in between. In his defense, it could've used a little work. In her defense, it was COLD and WINDY.

A few other funny kid sayings:
*Luke's fave new expression, "YEE-HAW!"
*Luke: "Isaac and Poppa Gary buy Luke 2 loaders. Daddy buy yellow combine."
*Jorden, while cheering ferociously at the b-ball game. "C'mon Cats! Get the ball. Go go go! Get a basket!" Which they did. He starts jumping up and down, "Momma, the Wildcats heard-ed me, they heard-ed me!"
*Isaac: Momma, why doesn't Luke like me better than Jorden? Me: Well, buddy, b/c you agitate, take toys and are too rough. Isaac: Hmmmm. LUKEY LUKEY LUKEY c'mere buddy let me hug you and give you kisses EVERYWHERE...and, then proceeds to tackle Luke and hold him down to accomplish this mission of love. It's such a mystery, isn't it???

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Big Kids

When did the little boys get so big?? Things I've noticed lately:

*A-t-t-i-t-u-d-e...Not that they don't come by it honestly. When both your parents are bull-headed, smart-mouthed, er, I mean quick-witted (right??) should we expect much less? Yet, it still totally peeves me off when I went in last night at 9:45 to tell the boys to knock it off and get to sleep and one of them (who shall remain nameless) covered his ears with both hands and shut his eyes so he didn't have to listen.

*One boy pushing a cart at the store with Luke in it and the other boy pushing a cart with the groceries in it. Sure, it's a little bit dangerous for the other patrons but that's a minor detail. And, tonight I only had to rebuild one display!

*Heading out the door with their daddy tonight to a KSU ball game, kissing me good-bye, carrying their "man-bag" of money to purchase their own snack with their own hard-earned money as happy as 2 little boys could be was almost more than my heart could take.

*Working hard at chores around the house to earn their commissions...they are already on their way to "Financial Peace".

*Secure enough in his masculinity, one little boy can verbally express that he kinda wants a Mermaid to just play with sometimes...not all the time, though.

I don't know...just seems like everyday it's something new and different. Some days that something new makes me crazy, some days it cracks me up and some days it just makes me stop and think when did they get so danged big??