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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our Abby---Ol' Faithful

Tomorrow (Friday), we will put our dear Abby down. It is time. We are so saddened to lose her. She has been a loyal and faithful companion to us the past 8 years. This city has been hard on our pets. In January, we had to put Belle, our cat down and now Abby. Because I am a wimp and bawled hysterically on the phone with the Humane Society yesterday, Jereme is the one taking her. We will miss you, Abby!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

+ this

after naptime = big mess for momma to clean.

Playing it cool

Practicing my "no really, momma, I didn't do it, look how cute I am" pose

Daddy and Isaac

Mommy and Jorden

Check out our new sneakers!!!

Conversations to make a mom smile...

Saturday afternoon, I decided the boys and I needed a little time apart. I left the house about 4:15 pm.

5:10 pm: Diane is done at Hobby Lobby and thinks, wow, it is still pretty hot out. We should take the boys to the splash park.
5:11 pm: Diane calls Jereme
D: Hey, do you want to meet me at the splash park with the boys?
Jereme: Sounds great. How soon can you be there?
D: Well, have you fed the boys yet?
J: No.
D: (calculating in her head, 5 minutes to heat up supper, 15 minutes for boys to eat, 5 minutes to clean up, 15 minutes to change into swim diaper/swimsuits/put on shoes, 5 minutes to load kids up, 10 minutes to park) Hmmm, well, I guess let's plan to meet there about 6:15 pm, ok?
J: (long pause) Um, well, okay, I guess.
D: Great, see you then.

Diane immediately hangs up and thinks to call back.
D: Hey, why don't you just call me when you are leaving since I am only about 3 minutes from the park?
J: Um, ok, but I am not going to need an hour to get all that done. I think we'll be ready to go in 20-30 minutes.
D: (thinking to herself, RIGHT! DREAM ON, buddy!) Sure, no problem.

6:26 pm: Jereme calls, completely flustered..."we're finally leaving."

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Motto and Prayers...

First things first...

My Grandpa Harvey is in the hospital right now after taking a fall last Friday that left him with a substantial amount of stitches (no broken bones, thank God!). But, the doctors are unsure of what other things are going on and still have him in the hospital doing testing. Will you lift him up in prayer and also strength for my Grandma who is at his side constantly? Thank you!

Sunday, the pastor at the church we've been attending gave a great message. He is such a dynamic speaker and we truly enjoy worshiping at this church. Anyways, here is the gist of it...we've become a nation of whiners. Think $4 gas is too expensive, drive less or it could be worse. We could be in the UK where gas is almost double that. Think your car stinks (helloooooooooo, Diane????) could be worse, you could have no car (Would that really be worse than driving the minivan? I am unsure on that one.). Think your spouse is...whoops wait, maybe don't apply the "it could be worse" to that least not out loud.

Just could be worse!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I love Sunday!

Best day of the week, in my opinion!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ironic much?

Today, the boys and I made a little shopping trip. Where you ask? Well, we went to the local Natural Vitamins and Health Food store (read lots of "organic" products). No, I haven't gone granola, but I was on a quest to find something to help Jereme with the arthritis in his knee. The owner, to be quite honest, really gave me the once over and let me assure it isn't b/c I am looking my best today. He didn't go overboard to help me out. Well, whatever, I can do my own shopping...I thought nothing of it.

Later, as I was driving home, I happen to catch a glimpse in the rearview mirror. What do I have on today? By random chance, I have on a Monsanto-branded shirt and visor. My shirt reads, "POWER IN THE POD" know support of biotechnology (*collective gasp* yes this means genetically-modified seed)in Asgrow products and Jereme's "Roundup" visor.

Hmmmmmmmmmm, geez, what was that health-food, natural, organic-type owner guy's problem????????????????????????//

Brotherly love...

Jorden: Brother! I love you!!
Isaac: Ya, ya, whatever, me too.

Seriously, momma, make him stop!

Boys had their 15-month well baby check up yesterday. Of course, they are actually 16 months now but that's kind of how things go around here. These were their stats:
Isaac: 33 inches (Yow-za!) and 26 lbs, 4 oz
Jorden: 33 inches (Yow-za!) and 28 pounds, 5 oz (double Yow-za!)

Monday, August 11, 2008


This is a vital part of my daily attire. 90% of the time it is one of the visors but to change it up, every once in a while I'll put on a ball cap. 2 different pieces of evidence point to that this might be a problem:
1. I just ordered a new visor---but seriously, I lost my KSU one so I NEEDED it.
2. As I was putting on a skirt for a bridal shower on Sunday, I seriously was trying to decide what visor would go best with which shirt. WHAT????????????????

(I didn't wear a visor, by the way!)
Waiting to get shoes on for church.

Jorden: Um, brother, are we going to get in trouble for this?
Isaac: Nah, she's a pushover.

I can climb anyplace you can think.

Don't test me, I CAN climb!

Me too! Me too! I can climb, too!

All right, all right, I'm getting down. Sheesh, enough already!

Splish-splash, babies making a mess!

Watching a video...(our mom is surely going to get Mother of the Year for letting us watch movies, right???)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Watch out, I'm on my soapbox!

Ok, while taking the boys for a little jog this morning I became a slightly irate passing through our neighborhood. We've made the concious decision to water our lawn sparingly (only 3 times this summer and only the front yard). We made that choice simply b/c we are making every effort to reduce our energy and water consumption. It wouldn't matter if we didn't pay a dime for the water, for us it's about not wasting water when lawns can handle quite a bit of stress. But, seriously, if you want to water, go right on ahead. That's your choice. Can I just make these two requests:

1. When you live in a city that has a fairly serious watering ban, can you just abide by it? Does it really make sense to water your lawn when it is 95+ degrees outside? Doesn't common sense tell you that about 85% of that water is evaporating? The ban says water before 9 AM...just do it!

2. When we receive 1.5 inches of rain from 4 AM-6 AM, turn off your irrigation system!! I can see if it is programmed to go off at 5 AM and you didn't get it shut off but I can't buh-lieve how many homes in our neighborhood were watering at 9 AM (also think watering ban rules!!) after we had a great and soaking 1.5 inches early this morning!!!!!!

Ok, I am done. Man, it's really exhausting being so judgmental!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thank God for PBS...

When the babies have been up off and on all night long (any thoughts on why????) and momma's caffiene hasn't kicked in, I couldn't be more thankful to PBS for airing this show:

From 8-8:30 this morning, there were no tears, no fighting and no whining.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lucky guy...

Some men get to spend their Saturdays doing ordinary events: golfing, drinking a beer, mowing the lawn, etc.

Jereme is such a lucky guy that he got to spend an extraordinary Saturday steam cleaning the carpets, rearranging furniture and buying new furniture.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Nap strikes and spankings...

The twinadoes are on a WEE bit of a nap strike this week. Momma found an effective way to force them to stop jumping in their cribs like maniacs included a spanking. Please, you non-spankers, no bashing. You think I'm crazy to spank? I think you're crazy to NOT spank!!

Anyways, today I've opted for another tactic. They must be in their cribs for the entire naptime. If they choose to sleep, fantabulous; if they choose to jump on the trampoline of their mattress, well so be it. So, for 2 hours today (yes, they stay in their cribs sleep or no sleep for that amount of time!), it was jumping, screaming and laughing like crazed hyenas. Fortunately, Jereme was working from home a good portion of the day so he was able to share in this experience, too. I've decided with our boys, we can cry or laugh...I think we'll laugh (after I cry that is!!!)!

Isaac: Naptime today was awesome!!

Jorden: How can I nap with this thing in my crib? Oh, right, I put it there!