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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Watch out, I'm on my soapbox!

Ok, while taking the boys for a little jog this morning I became a slightly irate passing through our neighborhood. We've made the concious decision to water our lawn sparingly (only 3 times this summer and only the front yard). We made that choice simply b/c we are making every effort to reduce our energy and water consumption. It wouldn't matter if we didn't pay a dime for the water, for us it's about not wasting water when lawns can handle quite a bit of stress. But, seriously, if you want to water, go right on ahead. That's your choice. Can I just make these two requests:

1. When you live in a city that has a fairly serious watering ban, can you just abide by it? Does it really make sense to water your lawn when it is 95+ degrees outside? Doesn't common sense tell you that about 85% of that water is evaporating? The ban says water before 9 AM...just do it!

2. When we receive 1.5 inches of rain from 4 AM-6 AM, turn off your irrigation system!! I can see if it is programmed to go off at 5 AM and you didn't get it shut off but I can't buh-lieve how many homes in our neighborhood were watering at 9 AM (also think watering ban rules!!) after we had a great and soaking 1.5 inches early this morning!!!!!!

Ok, I am done. Man, it's really exhausting being so judgmental!


Anonymous said...

I thought you were still in bed at 9 a.m.???

Diane said...

Usually, I sleep until past 9, but I opted to get up early yesterday. Ah, the life of a stay-at-home mom...sleeping in, watching soaps, taking naps. I can't understand why every woman doesn't opt for this!?

Caffeinated Bliss said...

I opted for it. It's such a stress free life. LOL

And all I can say is WOW about the water wastage. Living in a city where we have severe water problems, reading about people who just don't care is annoying.

Great post!