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Monday, August 25, 2008

Conversations to make a mom smile...

Saturday afternoon, I decided the boys and I needed a little time apart. I left the house about 4:15 pm.

5:10 pm: Diane is done at Hobby Lobby and thinks, wow, it is still pretty hot out. We should take the boys to the splash park.
5:11 pm: Diane calls Jereme
D: Hey, do you want to meet me at the splash park with the boys?
Jereme: Sounds great. How soon can you be there?
D: Well, have you fed the boys yet?
J: No.
D: (calculating in her head, 5 minutes to heat up supper, 15 minutes for boys to eat, 5 minutes to clean up, 15 minutes to change into swim diaper/swimsuits/put on shoes, 5 minutes to load kids up, 10 minutes to park) Hmmm, well, I guess let's plan to meet there about 6:15 pm, ok?
J: (long pause) Um, well, okay, I guess.
D: Great, see you then.

Diane immediately hangs up and thinks to call back.
D: Hey, why don't you just call me when you are leaving since I am only about 3 minutes from the park?
J: Um, ok, but I am not going to need an hour to get all that done. I think we'll be ready to go in 20-30 minutes.
D: (thinking to herself, RIGHT! DREAM ON, buddy!) Sure, no problem.

6:26 pm: Jereme calls, completely flustered..."we're finally leaving."


Cricketchirp said...

He'll learn to believe you someday. :) Good call on the time estimate!

Anonymous said...

So, i got the comment I love to hear after Kyle having the boys for 24 hours by himself. He walks in the door, tired, flustered, and says " I can't believe you haven't gone back to teach yet!" I just grinned.