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Monday, March 31, 2008

Survival of first bloody incident

We all survived. Jorden face-planted into the ceramic tile of the kitchen. Apparently mouth wounds bleed a lot! Jorden is now happy and playing and Isaac handled it in true Isaac fashion. He could've cared less as long as it didn't interrupt what he wanted to do. Momma is doing fine, although she is about to go sit down with a big Diet Pepsi.......

More "good" pics later...after my Diet Pepsi, that is!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

What happens when you don't have child safety latches...

This is what happens. I was sitting at table working on something and Jereme walks into kitchen and says Isaac is in the drawer. I said, yes, I know, he empties it out almost every morning and afternoon. Jereme says, "No, Diane, he is in the drawer." And, yes he was!

Should I be offended that Jorden loves shutting himself in a room without me in it???

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter baskets and bye-bye bottles!

It's true! We officially dropped the bedtime bottle. Jereme was just sure the boys would be really, really ticked about that but they did beautifully. I can't believe that once upon a time I was washing 16 bottles a day!! Our new bedtime routine is brush teeth (now that's a sight!), bath, jammies, read a few books, drink of water and it's night-night! Now, this what we walk into every morning. Don't you think we are pretty lucky???

Easter baskets!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Is this a problem?

I put the boys in the bathtub this morning. I walked back to their bedroom to grab their towels. As I was coming back down the hallway, guess who is sitting in the doorway? Sir Isaac. He apparently crawled out of the bathtub and was on his way to inform me that I should not leave them alone.

We had a playdate yesterday...

Our first "official" playdate occurred yesterday. It was great and the boys did awesome. They only napped for 15 minutes in the AM so I thought we were doomed but they played and played. I think they loved the new toys and watching the bigger boys be silly. Isaac was asleep within 2 blocks and Jorden shortly thereafter.

Have you wondered why I only post pics of the boys individually? A person with one child might say, "Geez, it would be nice if we could see a pic of both babies at the same time." Well, here it is. This is what it is like to try and get two VERY mobile babies to sit still AT THE SAME TIME for a picture...

Okay, lady, enough with the camera already!

This isn't too close, is it, momma?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Childproof? I think not!

I am considering a lawsuit against Safety 1st and their "childproof" latches. Yesterday, I was working on organizing our hallway linen closet. No worries, the boys were playing in the living room and kitchen area. But, that's okay, because all the cabinets are childproofed, right? They must be only childproofed if you have one baby/toddler at a time. I was so caught up in my Martha Stewart moment of organization I didn't realize just how long it had been quiet. I stand and listen. I hear nothing. That's scary! I walk into the kitchen. My two little monsters have ripped a drawer open and ripped off the childproof latch. How? Who knows! There they sit in the middle of the kitchen floor after dumping out 3 boxes of snacks and crackers, eating with delightful smiles on their faces. Oh and in Jorden's right hand? The screw and latch from the cabinet.

(I would add pics but I left my camera at a friend's house.)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

One Year Ago Today...

You'll probably see this title several times over the next month or so.

One year ago today...

I was 33.5 weeks pregnant with the twinner bees and at last check, measured 45 (yep, that's right, I measured as if I were 45 weeks pg!!!!!). I went to school at 7 am. I taught math and social studies all day to 5th graders. The even more amazing part? I didn't go home that night until 830 pm. I remember hosting 13 parent-teacher conferences that night. I don't know how I did it.

One year ago today...

I was scared to death STILL at the thought of twins. I wish I would've known then how much fun it is to have twins!

What a guy!

Just one of the many reasons I love my man! I've yet to have to clip finger or toe nails! And for those of you well-acquainted with our kids, getting Isaac to sit still for any amount of time is quite the accomplishment!!!!!!!!

Now, tell me these aren't the two cutest tooshies you've ever seen!

Here's what's in my Easter Basket this year!!! On most days, I'll take them over a basket of candy. Most days but not all....

What? Is there a problem with me being in the toybox? I must not have enough toys if I can fit in here! (Oh yes, they do have enough toys! They are just all out on the floor!)

This is how we get some piece and quiet around here...just put the babies in a cabinet.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I have a problem.

The first step is to admit it right? I go to the store and put all sorts of great things in my cart...Yogos, Animal Crackers, fruit snacks, etc. I get them for the boys. And, the crazy thing about it? I actually believe myself when I think that. But, I eat all the crackers, I eat all the Yogos, I eat all the fruit snacks, well, you get the picture. I make myself feel better about it by giving the boys 1 or 2 bites of a whole box. That way, next week when I go to the store, I can find some more great snackies "for the boys"!

Oh, and with all this awesome weather, the kiddos and I have resumed our daily walking. I am here to tell you that Pratt really does not have any hills. Here? Yes. Many hills. Many, many steep hills. My butt has told me so.

Monday, March 10, 2008

You tell me...

Is it wrong that I am okay with my kids eating scraps of food off the floor? I mean, seriously, it was theirs in the first place that they threw on the floor. So what if it might be a day or two old. Jereme about has a heart attack every time he sees this. Isaac has an obsession of being right in your business if you are sweeping things. Now, keep in mind, those might be the peas that he wouldn't eat 10 minutes ago that he is now picking up out of my dirt pile and eating. This morning, Jereme asked what Jorden was putting in his mouth. I said, "Oh, probably a piece of meatloaf." Jereme says, "WHAT? Meatloaf? We had that for lunch yesterday." I tried to act as shocked and disturbed about it as he was. I think he bought it. C'mon!!! They're eating leftover food off the floor REALLY going to be the grossest thing they do??? I doubt it!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


I am going to confess. When the boys were little babies, I never bought any safety latches for the cabinets in our house. Then, we moved. This house already had some safety latches on the cabinets. Not all, but some. Jereme asked me if I wanted him to put more on the rest of the cabinets. I told him no, of course not. I was going to teach the boys how to stay out of the cabinets.

Guess what Jereme is doing today?

And, why is he doing this? Yes, that's right because I apparently can't teach my children to stay out of cabinets. I foolishly thought I was in charge at our house.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

2 boys driving their momma CRAZY

Ok, seriously, these boys can't be ready to go to one nap per day, can they? The past few days, both boys have taken nice, long morning naps and then proceed to play in their cribs for over 2 hours in the afternoon. I am not kidding!!! They will play the entire time. I leave them in there b/c I think eventually they will start boo-hooing and go to sleep but no sir. Yesterday, they played for 2 hours and 20 minutes before I decided to go and get them out of there. Momma is not ready to give up 2 naps. When will I spend my requisite 4 hours on the internet? Oh wait, I mean, when will I get all my housecleaning, laundry, 4-course meals fixed? *sigh* What's a girl to do? As I type this, both boys are standing in their cribs, screaming with delight at one another. They think they are so funny. I swear, they get this from their father!

I thought I should add that I really can't complain. We have kiddos who consistently sleep 12 hours at night so can I really expect them to take 2 naps per day? Probably not, but.......

Monday, March 3, 2008

We are finally unpacked!

Yes, every box has been unpacked at our house! It's a blessed miracle! We spent Saturday...beautiful day...unpacking and organizing the garage. It was hard work but it looks so good! Now, the basement has no boxes left in it, but please don't ask if it is all organized! But, on a brighter note, we have hung some pictures and are making every attempt (ok, let's not get carried away...maybe not every attempt but here and there we are trying) to get this house settled.

The boys are great. BUSY but great. We made it through Jereme's first two months with Monsanto and a grueling travel schedule. It's a joy to know he will be home in the evenings!



Mmmmm, yummy, mulch!

We love milk! Yes, they are big boys and off formula! (The remainder was sent to the other set of sister's girls.)

Ok, seriously, look how big these boys are! Can you believe 11 months ago, both of them slept in this pack-n-play? And, the bassinet feature on it makes it only 3/4 this they both slept in this when it was even smaller! I can't even remember that!

Daddy, stop kissing me and just let me on your laptop!

Ok, daddy, this is how it's gonna be.....