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Monday, November 29, 2010

Things I am not ready to talk about...

*Lunchtime discussion today:
Jorden: Daddy, when I get grown-up then *I* get to make the decisions and *I* can be the boss.
Isaac: Yeah, I then I will spank the boys bottoms and spank you and momma's bottom.

*Jorden: How big am I when I can drink pop, coffee and beer?

*Luke learned how to crawl up and sit in the dining room chairs last night, which means I turned around to find him sitting on the table while I fixing lunch today.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Picky, picky!

I don't know where in the world Luke gets it. The boys have always been good eaters. Jereme and I will (and do!) eat most anything, too. If it's cheese,yogurt or fruit then no problem. But, if you're talking meat besides fried chicken or a vegetable, well, fruggedaboudit!

Yet, he does have one food he is *LOVES*. It comes directly from his Poppa Gary. It's called anything pasta with marinara. Most nights, Luke makes no mess at supper b/c well, he eats not much at all. But, not tonight!!!

By the way, I am thinking Isaac must've been thinking of Poppa Gary earlier in the day when I posted about him...


One of the things we've had the boys do this past year is provide a drink to the great men who work for the city and pick up our trash. We've missed a few weeks here and there but almost every Thursday, the boys can be found running a pop, water or Gatorade out to them. Recently, we've been giving them Pepsi since we don't drink regular pop and somehow have a ton of it in our fridge.

The trash truck was late today and the boys were napping, or so I thought, when they came. Isaac just came running out of his room and yelled at me, "Momma, we didn't get the guys their beer!!"
Me: "What??"
Isaac: "We didn't give the trash truck guys their beer this week!!"
Me: "Honey, we give them a Pepsi, not a beer!"
Isaac, running out the door screaming his head off for everyone in the world to hear, "WAIT, come back, I'll get you your beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I can only thank God that the windows are closed this time of year.

And, rest assured, the guys will be back in a few hours to pick up the recycling stuff so we'll be sure and get them their "beer" then!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Luke's words...

True to form for little boys, Luke isn't much of a talker yet. Well, he converses a LOT, it's just not in English. But, he has three official words.

Momma--he learned that pretty boy.
Daddy--which must be said with a high-pitched squeal for the last syllable.
Bubba--in reference to either of his brothers and with much delight, well, most of the time.
And, of course, NO--which he says which much conviction and then giggles hysterically...I think I might be a little afraid...

Friday, November 12, 2010

A rainy Friday

I am quite certain this is what my mom and dad had in mind when they bought me this hope chest for my high school graduation...

The little boys have been spending more and more time on these chairs. As the weather turns colder, we are spending more time inside. More time inside means WAY more fighting. More fighting equals more time on the chairs facing each other. There is no theory behind this method. I don't know what else to do with them...I figure for now this works b/c it always results in them laughing, giggling, making faces, telling silly stories. How many more days till Spring???

And, this is usually how "chair time" ends up...

Luke rather enjoys the boys spending quality time on the dining room chairs...freedom to play with anything he desires for a few short-lived moments!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tough kid...

That Isaac, he is one tough cookie. Seems like he has been fighting a cold for a month. Wait, it has been a month. Ok, so he got a cold a month ago and then it snowballed into this asthma flare-up that resulted in a scary moment last night. Took him to our pedi today. He also has nasty ear infections in both ears. Super-duper. I had no idea. The kid never complains about feeling sick.

LITERALLY Jereme has to pry his mouth open at night for me to give him meds b/c he normally sleeps like the dead. You could pick him up, throw him in the air and I guarantee the child would never wake up. And, bless his cotton-picking heart, I WANTED him to sleep with us last night after getting his breathing controlled and he cried b/c "he wanted to sleep in his own bed and not our bed". Love.that.kid.

Soooooooooo, now he is on steroids, antibiotics and breathing treatments 4-5 times per day. And, with Jereme out of town and me still being at Walgreens 45 minutes away at 745 pm with 3 tired kids, I may or may not have backed into some guy's car. No worries, though, the minivan is STILL rocking it out. Long live the FREESTAR, baby!!!!!!!