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Monday, April 27, 2009

I should've posted this last week before I left for NY but the binky is back. B.A.C.K. I don't know what the heck got into me. We'll solve this "problem" down the road but for now, they sleep 11-12 hours per night, 2-3 hour naps and they love their binky when in their cribs, THEREFORE, I love their binky, too.

So for the record:
1. The binky is back and will stay until sometime after "the jellybean" arrives.
2. Yes, the boys are STILL in a crib and yes, the boys will stay in their cribs until they decide to start crawling out. I promise, I'll take them out of the crib before Kindergarten!!
3. No, they are no potty-trained. Not even close. Haven't even tried but I am willing to consider that battle this summer. Just let me have another 30-45 days of bliss with my "babies", ok???

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Officially gone...

The binky is gone. G.O.N.E. A snap decision the first of the week pushed us to take it away. The boys were only using it at nap and bedtime. I think Jereme and I have had a harder time with it than the boys. They've done wonderful. A little crying the first night and none since then. They are having a harder time settling down...usually they were out within minutes of being laid down. Hopefully, as they adjust they'll get back into that routine.

I was ready to see the binky go but I've actually been really sad about it (can you say PREGNANT and HORMONAL???). I am sad for the boys; they loved their binky and were so excited to get it each nap/bed time. It's hard to be the grown-up and make those decisions!! It also is just yet another milestone proving these big boys really aren't my babies anymore. Boo-hooooo!

But, here is a photo of what is apparently going on in the bedroom without a binky at night. We've had this occurence now twice...I am thinking duct tape to keep that baby on him, what do you think???

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Oh. My. Gosh. I spoke too soon. Isaac did wonderful the first 2 days following his surgery. The next 3 days, well, let's just say they were darn near close to pure hell around here. Jereme had to be gone for a long day on Thursday, left early Friday morning and didn't return until Saturday night. By that point, I was about to lose my mind. Of course, daddy, "the hero" comes home and Isaac sleeps 12 hours straight and wakes up this morning smiling and ready to terrorize. This is NOT good for Jereme's ego!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Maybe one of these days, I will get better at putting pics on more often so I don't have to upload 50 at one time.

Isaac had his adenoids out today. He is a real trooper...been a tough little guy and doing well. Doc said to keep him quiet for 3 days or so. I said to send plenty of Tylenol with codeine in it b/c quiet is not an adjective used to describe Isaac. But, in true fashion of our little family, he toughed out a tender throat and munched on Fritos for lunch. I don't know where he gets that!!?? HA!

Sweet smiles in the mornings

Down at Papa's farm:
Hmmm, should I or shouldn't I?

Lady, seriously, stop yelling my name.


Apparently, we don't get the whole Easter egg hunt deal.

Another birthday celebration! Remember when it was so much fun to have another birthday???

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


***Update: I failed to mention that package was being shipped to a friend's house in Pratt. So, just so that you can get the full picture the package left Wichita this morning, was transported to Hutchinson where is was scanned in and then taken back down to Pratt. Makes total sense. I must get a job with FedEx. I, too, try to do things in the most complicated manner possible.***

Perhaps the reason it costs so much to ship anything is because of the following scenario:

Person decides to purchase a night-light on That person places order on Sunday (despite exorbinant price to ship) and proceeds to check the status of shipping on that package on Tuesday. Purchaser clicks on "track packages". Most of the purchaser's blog followers are aware of the location purchaser lives. Night-light turtle was bought from a company in Missouri. Tracking of package shows the item left Missouri on Monday morning and arrived in Memphis, TN on Monday night. Item then leaves Memphis and arrives Tuesday night in Wichita, KS.

I'm just sayin'.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Grandpa Harvey

My much-loved Grandpa Harvey died late this afternoon. Please keep my sweet Grandma Catherine and my dad in your prayers.