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Sunday, July 15, 2012


In the past 18 days, we have:
*Moved into a house mid-renovations
*Moved into a house mid-renovations with no baths upstairs, no appliances, no kitchen counter tops, etc.
*Attempted to move 3+ car garage into a small 2 car garage
*Given away a LOT of crap
*Worked around contractors here at any given hour of the day
*Noticed a lot of dead spiders from the bug bombs we set off
*Had a boy with a massive asthma attack/flare-up
*Had a man with West Nile virus
*Had a 2-year old only nap about 2 of those 18 days
*Had a lot of meltdowns
*Remembered the dead spiders after finding out our contractor was bit by a brown recluse and headed to hospital
*Went under contract with a pesticide company to rid us of the apparently ongoing spider family residing here
*Wondered what in the he!! we are doing
*Asked a dear friend who is a therapist if she could get me in a for a little 'break' at Larned
*Cleaned up puke off the brand-new carpet that was installed...break it in sweet boy, break it in!
*Vaguely remembered around 12:30 pm that today is our 12th anniversary.

Happy, happy anniversary, JJH!!  As he so romantically put about 15 minutes ago, "there is no one else I'd rather be scrubbing puke up with than you, baby!"