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Monday, February 25, 2008

Big ol' blue eyes!

Do these boys have big, blue eyes or what???
(Some other random shots, too!)



Do we have to beg for food??? Isn't this your job?

OH MY GOSH! There are some crumbs from breakfast, hurry, quick grab those!

My mom and dad are in for it...he-he-he-he!

Some things, like playing football, are just done better without pants!

The "Sisters" Outing....

Those sisters that dared to join went to OKC for Saturday/Sunday. We left the men in charge at home. Yes, shouts of glee were heard all over the state of Kansas as the husbands didn't have to hear any nagging, could drink beer and play with the kids without mommas hovering over them. But, even louder shouts of joy were heard statewide when those same mommas returned home on Sunday evening to take back over.

The girls ate, drank, shopped and of course TALKED nonstop. One of the pics below show me with eyes closed. Some people will automatically assume (without reading this far, of course, because they are tired of the rambling) that Diane had too much to drink and couldn't keep her eyes open. But, they are wrong...I am showing off my glamourous eye makeup done by artists Arica and Denise. I do not know how to apply eye makeup and therefore limit it to mascara...I got the full meal deal on Saturday...three colors of shadow, eye liner and mascara. We took pictures just to prove it can be done!

On another note...if you are near OKC, stop in and see the memorial there. Very well-done. Thought-provoking and the creators of the memorial did it up right even to the smallest detail. I was both very impressed and saddened.

At the Karaoke bar...only one dared to sing!
From left to right: Arica "the adopted sister", Cricket "the sis-in-law", Denise "the sister", Diane

Eye makeup!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Tony update!

Thank you all you prayer warriors! God answered and in a BIG way. Tony's surgery this morning went great. The doctors will start bringing him out of his state of sedation slowly and will be able to see how much, if any, damage was done. Keep praying for him and his family but we so appreciate you lifting him up these past couple days.

Oh, on a side note, I might be in trouble for bringing the "Mule purchase" up.............................

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Do you read the comments?

If you do, you notice under the V-Day post that "the grandpa" mentioned he bought his wife a really "neat" present this year. I have not verified what this present is with my mom but I am guessing that "the grandpa" is referring to this recent purchase by him. Something tells me that he didn't have my mom in mind when he bought it.

Keep praying...

Just talked with mom. Tony's initial procedure was unsuccessful. They will be performing surgery first thing in the morning for the 3 aneurysms. Please lift up Tony and his surgeon and surgical team tonight, tomorrow. Thank you!!! God does answer prayers!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Calling all prayer warriors...

A good friend of the family, Tony, had a brain aneurysm this morning. He is heavily sedated right now as they try a procedure to stop the bleeding on his brain. Please pray specifically for him, his family and the team of doctors treating him!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Where oh where is our Blake of ******?

I just need to tell somebody this, so I'll tell you...

I am paying bills, all is quiet at the House house, until you hear a loud,
"What the h*!!?" from me.

As I am updating debit card transactions into Quickbooks from our bank, I notice a charge from HairLoft of ****** for $24. What? I don't remember getting my hair cut recently.

Wait, I vaguely remember Jereme telling me he needed a haircut and couldn't find a barber, or at least hadn't found one yet. Are you KIDDING me? Someone charged Jereme $24 to cut HIS hair????? He barely has any hair!!!

Where is our trusty barber Blake from Pratt when you need him? $12 and he had it done in less than 10 minutes. I can't wait to hear Jereme's version of his $24 haircut!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Gag...who are these men anyways???

Anyone catch Oprah on Valentine's Day? What about other friend's blogs, emails, etc talking about how "I have the sweetest husband on the Earth. He did this and that and surprised me with all sorts of things for Valentine's Day. I just have the best husband, ever. I love you, honey!"

Who are these men? Why don't I know any? I can say with a fair amount of certainty that Jereme had no idea Valentine's Day passed. (Ok, I'll let him off the hook, considering he spent most of the 13th and 14th puking in the bathroom) But, the beauty of our relationship is that he knows I really don't care anyways. Although, I do keep reminding him that we might want to put on an "act" in a few years for this holiday so we don't screw our sons up for future relationships (even more than we probably will).

So here is my attempt:

I have the best husband in the world. He surprised me on Valentine's Day by leaving me the grossest bathroom known to man. I was so shocked and happy, I couldn't even speak. Thank you honey, I love you so much!

Parasite or Rotavirus, you pick!

Yuck, what a week and weekend. We are now on Day 10 of the big D and by the big D, I mean DIARRHEA! But, we might be turning a corner. 2 doctor visits, numerous phone calls later, it has been determined that the boys either have a parasite (nice thought, huh) or Rotavirus. Both are characterized by constant watery diarrhea along with vomiting. Hmmm, sounds familiar!

Anyways, course of treatment is the same and since the boys look to be improving, we have opted to not go ahead with the lab work for verification. Well that and it has taken us until today to get to the point where we could even get an actual stool sample and then several days, minimum, for results, well you get the picture.

Poor Jorden's rear is raw and when I saw raw, I mean RAW!!!! I have pics but Jereme won't let me post them b/c of all the sickos out there. But, he has huge open wounds on his bottom, testicles and penis! It is terrible and he SCREAMS with every diaper change but in the very least the number of changes are slowing down.

Oh, you ask where did they get this??? Well, remember the lovely pics of the boys about to go swimming at the Y? You got it, they came down with probs within the timeframe of being there. Now, you ask, how can we pinpoint that...well, see Jereme was out of town which means, I was holed up at the house alone with snow on the ground and in a 5-day stretch, the only place the boys went was to the Y. Both conditions are passed through feces so we feel confident that the exposure came from there. Needless to say, we won't be going swimming for quite some time!!!!!! But, here are some pics we took during the week on the "good" days:

Big boy Isaac knows how to climb up the entire flight of stairs!!

Seriously, mom, are you ever going to unpack us completely or am I going to have to do it? (Jorden)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

What was my Valentine's Day gift? I bet you can't top it!

Sweet boy Jorden spent all day today, saying "momma, momma, momma, momma". It was too perfect. And for every momma he said, Isaac responded with dadadadadadada. So, the war is on!

No pics to post...we have sick boys, including the big boy of the house. The FLU HAS STRUCK and it is NASTY!! The 10-month olds are coping better than the 31-year-old...shocker of a lifetime, I am sure, to the other women out there in cyber know what it's like when a man gets (gasp) sick.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hello, how could I forget the biggest one of all???

I can't believe it! As my friend, Sara, so graciously pointed out, I forgot the biggest NEVER, EVER pre-kids statement.

"I will never drive a minivan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

As most of you know, I drive a stinkin' minivan. For anyone considering buying one, DON'T DO IT!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Isn't it funny???

Isn't it funny how becoming a parent makes you eat your words? Examples:

1. I will never let my child just have junk for a meal.
Um, yes you will, when it is the 3rd meal in a row on a hunger strike and they won't eat anything and you sit in front of them, begging him to drink the juice and eat the animal crackers.

2. I will never let my child cry themselves to sleep. I'll be such a great parent, we won't need to do that.
Need I say more?

3. I will not tiptoe around my house during naptime. I'll be too busy cleaning.
Sorry, that one still cracks me up. Yes, of course you will tiptoe around the house so that you can have a few moments of peace! And, cleaning? What's that?

4. My child will only use a pacifier for the first few weeks and then it will be gone.
Hold on just a sec, gotta find a pacifier to get my 10-month-old to stop crying.....

5. I am going to make my own baby food b/c it will be so much easier.

6. I will never spank my child.
Haven't had to do this yet but I can already GUARANTEE you we will!

The list could go on and on. I remember once, foolishly, not too long ago, maybe a year or two ago before kids I made the most idiotic statement ever uttered by a human. I said to another friend who didn't have children, "I don't understand why all these moms who stay at home can't do _____________________ (insert any number of phrases) because she is at home all day. Really, I understand she has kids but what does she do all day?"

I get it. I apologize to all those other SAHM for my previous thoughts and words. About 20 times a day, I think, "how was I so ignorant????" God must have a great sense of humor.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy 10th Month Birthday House Twins!!

I can't believe that 10 months ago today, the boys arrived. Those first few weeks of having 2 teeny-tiny babies seemed to drag on. Maybe it was the lack of the sleep or the worry because we had no idea what we were doing! But, it seems like we blinked and here we are. Loving every minute of having thing that's ever happened for us...God is good!!!


We took the boys swimming at the YMCA! Here they are being little cuties in their swim trunks...they had a BIG time at the pool!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Naked and Cleaning (but not at the same time!)

Handsome boys!

Holy cow, brother, have you seen this thing down here??? Do you have one?

Whew! We both have one!

No hands!!!

Look what I found under the couch!!!

I love my Swiffer WetJet!! But, this is disgusting...this is the pad after not "swiffering" the kitchen floor for a week! Yuck, maybe I should stop letting the boys pick up their pieces of food off the floor and eating them.......