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Monday, February 11, 2008

Isn't it funny???

Isn't it funny how becoming a parent makes you eat your words? Examples:

1. I will never let my child just have junk for a meal.
Um, yes you will, when it is the 3rd meal in a row on a hunger strike and they won't eat anything and you sit in front of them, begging him to drink the juice and eat the animal crackers.

2. I will never let my child cry themselves to sleep. I'll be such a great parent, we won't need to do that.
Need I say more?

3. I will not tiptoe around my house during naptime. I'll be too busy cleaning.
Sorry, that one still cracks me up. Yes, of course you will tiptoe around the house so that you can have a few moments of peace! And, cleaning? What's that?

4. My child will only use a pacifier for the first few weeks and then it will be gone.
Hold on just a sec, gotta find a pacifier to get my 10-month-old to stop crying.....

5. I am going to make my own baby food b/c it will be so much easier.

6. I will never spank my child.
Haven't had to do this yet but I can already GUARANTEE you we will!

The list could go on and on. I remember once, foolishly, not too long ago, maybe a year or two ago before kids I made the most idiotic statement ever uttered by a human. I said to another friend who didn't have children, "I don't understand why all these moms who stay at home can't do _____________________ (insert any number of phrases) because she is at home all day. Really, I understand she has kids but what does she do all day?"

I get it. I apologize to all those other SAHM for my previous thoughts and words. About 20 times a day, I think, "how was I so ignorant????" God must have a great sense of humor.

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