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Monday, February 18, 2008

Parasite or Rotavirus, you pick!

Yuck, what a week and weekend. We are now on Day 10 of the big D and by the big D, I mean DIARRHEA! But, we might be turning a corner. 2 doctor visits, numerous phone calls later, it has been determined that the boys either have a parasite (nice thought, huh) or Rotavirus. Both are characterized by constant watery diarrhea along with vomiting. Hmmm, sounds familiar!

Anyways, course of treatment is the same and since the boys look to be improving, we have opted to not go ahead with the lab work for verification. Well that and it has taken us until today to get to the point where we could even get an actual stool sample and then several days, minimum, for results, well you get the picture.

Poor Jorden's rear is raw and when I saw raw, I mean RAW!!!! I have pics but Jereme won't let me post them b/c of all the sickos out there. But, he has huge open wounds on his bottom, testicles and penis! It is terrible and he SCREAMS with every diaper change but in the very least the number of changes are slowing down.

Oh, you ask where did they get this??? Well, remember the lovely pics of the boys about to go swimming at the Y? You got it, they came down with probs within the timeframe of being there. Now, you ask, how can we pinpoint that...well, see Jereme was out of town which means, I was holed up at the house alone with snow on the ground and in a 5-day stretch, the only place the boys went was to the Y. Both conditions are passed through feces so we feel confident that the exposure came from there. Needless to say, we won't be going swimming for quite some time!!!!!! But, here are some pics we took during the week on the "good" days:

Big boy Isaac knows how to climb up the entire flight of stairs!!

Seriously, mom, are you ever going to unpack us completely or am I going to have to do it? (Jorden)

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