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Monday, April 27, 2009

I should've posted this last week before I left for NY but the binky is back. B.A.C.K. I don't know what the heck got into me. We'll solve this "problem" down the road but for now, they sleep 11-12 hours per night, 2-3 hour naps and they love their binky when in their cribs, THEREFORE, I love their binky, too.

So for the record:
1. The binky is back and will stay until sometime after "the jellybean" arrives.
2. Yes, the boys are STILL in a crib and yes, the boys will stay in their cribs until they decide to start crawling out. I promise, I'll take them out of the crib before Kindergarten!!
3. No, they are no potty-trained. Not even close. Haven't even tried but I am willing to consider that battle this summer. Just let me have another 30-45 days of bliss with my "babies", ok???


Cousin Erin said...

And these issues are a problem for someone???!! If you can have peace, I am with you, sista! I just took Carson's binky and bottle away last Saturday, and I slept only 1!!! hour on Saturday night. You have double the amount of fight that I do, however. They will be just fine, and you are the parent. 'nough said.

Kelli said...

Jack is a good 6 months older and still has his lovey, is not potty trained and would still be in his crib if it wasn't occupied. I think you are fine.

Sara said...

Gaby is not potty trained and she still sleeps in her crib as well. The only reason we don't have a binky is because we went out of town one weekend and forgot it at home. There will always be someone that thinks you are doing something wrong - as long as you are happy with how YOU are doing things, thats all that matters. Hope things are going well with your "jellybean!!!"