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Friday, May 1, 2009

Just for the record, it is only my hormonal, somewhat compulsive behaviors that are having the problems with the binky, cribs and potty-training. Well, okay, maybe we get a few comments from people but unless you have met any of the aforementioned challenges with twins, well, I just go to my "happy place" and smile and nod while you are talking! HA!

Here's a good one from the ENT's office on Tuesday. Boys were dressed similar but had on matching coats. We are called to go in to examination room. Staff member and my conversation is as follows:

Her: OH MY GOSH! They are so cute!
Me: Thank you!
Her: Look at them, they match!
Me: Yes, sometimes they match and somedays we're just thankful they've kept their clothes on.
Her: Geez, they could be brothers.
Me: (Laughs) Good b/c they are brothers! Actually, they are twins.
Her: What? They are twins? So, they are the same age and everything?

Okay people, she was an RN. Did you read that? A Registered Nurse! If Dr. G wasn't so darn cute, I mean capable, I might have to consider another office!

And, just to add to the randomness of this post, since apparently I have too much spare time, I just found a countdown calendar online. I have 122 days left of being preggo. But, who's counting, right?????????????

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