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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Doesn't get better than this...

Life doesn't get much better than this:

*Remember that kid in a few posts earlier who liked to take his diaper off? It doesn't get much better than changing a gross bed at 3 am b/c your kid is screaming his head off since he took off his diaper earlier in the night and made a huge mess in his crib.

*And, I spent this morning digging through our week's worth of trash before the garbage truck came. Why you ask? Well, because I couldn't seem to find my envelope of cash that is reserved for eating out and babysitters. There was quite a bit of $$$ in there and Lord knows I'll do anything to make sure I don't have to cook every night of the week. So, after digging through a whole week of poopy diapers, dog crap, kitchen trash sacks, I triumphantly retrieved my envelope.

I am living the dream, baby!!

P.S. I do have pictures to post. Maybe I'll do that here in a few minutes. Or, more likely maybe I'll just go grab some more M&Ms and read my book.

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