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Monday, March 3, 2008

We are finally unpacked!

Yes, every box has been unpacked at our house! It's a blessed miracle! We spent Saturday...beautiful day...unpacking and organizing the garage. It was hard work but it looks so good! Now, the basement has no boxes left in it, but please don't ask if it is all organized! But, on a brighter note, we have hung some pictures and are making every attempt (ok, let's not get carried away...maybe not every attempt but here and there we are trying) to get this house settled.

The boys are great. BUSY but great. We made it through Jereme's first two months with Monsanto and a grueling travel schedule. It's a joy to know he will be home in the evenings!



Mmmmm, yummy, mulch!

We love milk! Yes, they are big boys and off formula! (The remainder was sent to the other set of sister's girls.)

Ok, seriously, look how big these boys are! Can you believe 11 months ago, both of them slept in this pack-n-play? And, the bassinet feature on it makes it only 3/4 this they both slept in this when it was even smaller! I can't even remember that!

Daddy, stop kissing me and just let me on your laptop!

Ok, daddy, this is how it's gonna be.....

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