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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Motto and Prayers...

First things first...

My Grandpa Harvey is in the hospital right now after taking a fall last Friday that left him with a substantial amount of stitches (no broken bones, thank God!). But, the doctors are unsure of what other things are going on and still have him in the hospital doing testing. Will you lift him up in prayer and also strength for my Grandma who is at his side constantly? Thank you!

Sunday, the pastor at the church we've been attending gave a great message. He is such a dynamic speaker and we truly enjoy worshiping at this church. Anyways, here is the gist of it...we've become a nation of whiners. Think $4 gas is too expensive, drive less or it could be worse. We could be in the UK where gas is almost double that. Think your car stinks (helloooooooooo, Diane????) could be worse, you could have no car (Would that really be worse than driving the minivan? I am unsure on that one.). Think your spouse is...whoops wait, maybe don't apply the "it could be worse" to that least not out loud.

Just could be worse!!


Kelli said...

Thanks for the reminder. It sounds like a good message. As Tim says Gas price increases don't even come close to reflecting the rise in oil prices. Note to self to dust off the "Big Girls don't whine" book.

Caffeinated Bliss said...

Great message!!

My thoughts are with your grandfather.. hope he heals quickly.