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Friday, August 1, 2008

Nap strikes and spankings...

The twinadoes are on a WEE bit of a nap strike this week. Momma found an effective way to force them to stop jumping in their cribs like maniacs included a spanking. Please, you non-spankers, no bashing. You think I'm crazy to spank? I think you're crazy to NOT spank!!

Anyways, today I've opted for another tactic. They must be in their cribs for the entire naptime. If they choose to sleep, fantabulous; if they choose to jump on the trampoline of their mattress, well so be it. So, for 2 hours today (yes, they stay in their cribs sleep or no sleep for that amount of time!), it was jumping, screaming and laughing like crazed hyenas. Fortunately, Jereme was working from home a good portion of the day so he was able to share in this experience, too. I've decided with our boys, we can cry or laugh...I think we'll laugh (after I cry that is!!!)!

Isaac: Naptime today was awesome!!

Jorden: How can I nap with this thing in my crib? Oh, right, I put it there!

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