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Saturday, October 30, 2010

A few Hawaii pics

We made it!!!

View overlooking the back of the resort grounds

View from our course and ocean

An Austrian military vehicle that we took off-roading.

This is obviously just as we got going b/c a pic taken any time over the next 40 minutes would have me looking like I wanted to puke.

Waterfall hiking. We had had quite a bit of "fun" the previous night at the awards ceremony and I was expecting a leisurely hike. Um, not quite. Needless to say, we hiked/sweated that alcohol out of our systems!

I don't know what we were doing when we took this photo?? Apparently swimming...maybe this was the Catermaran excursion trip.

Scary self-portrait before going out on the last night. I was obviously done with straightening and doing my hair.

MY Master Sales man!!!

Still waiting to get our link for the pics from the trip the photographer took!

1 comment:

Cricketchirp said...

Those are some cute photos! I love the one in front of the waterfall, definitely one to frame! Congrats again Jereme on the award!