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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mouth of the South...

I *might* just see a wee little bit of my mouth in sweet boy Isaac. That child, oh, that child is something else. He is, perhaps, exactly who Dr. Dobson was thinking of when he wrote this book. He and I have already begun to have some "meeting of the minds" type situations but that little boy can make me laugh like no one else. Here are a few Isaacisms from the past couple days.

Me: Isaac, please bring momma the wipes.
Isaac: Um, no thanks.

Me (making a mess while fixing supper): Ugh! Dang it!
Isaac (from the other room): All right, what's the problem???

Me: Boys, tonight we are going to Wendy's for supper.
Isaac: Great idea, momma!!!

And, my personal fave of the day:
Me (trying to put clean sheets on the bed): Isaac, get off the bed please.
Isaac (ignoring me)
Isaac: Don't worry about me, Mooooooo-oooom.

Can you hear it in him? I wish I could give you his inflection. He's got it down pat. Jereme derives GREAT pleasure from me telling him these stories. I think he thinks it's payback to me in some wicked form. I don't think he's quite caught on that, at some point, Isaac might be my ally...

Anyways, here is that Isaac boy:

And, oh, Jorden. Once upon a time, we got comments from some family members and maybe even friends about how Isaac seemed SO aggressive and always beating up on "poor Jorden". Let me assure everyone, Jorden is flat-out an instigator. He loves to tackle, wrestle, push, hit, rough-house his brother. I love how he is my rule-follower, though. He'll tell you when he's about to do anything that there is "no crying, no bawling" allowed. But, don't let the fact that he can recite every rule ever told to him fool you for too long; he's just as much of a toe-just-a-centimeter-over-the-line child as his brother is.


And, my Luke. Are you tired of hearing what a doll he is? Just love that boy. But, the biggest news on Luke is that he needs some prayers right now. He hasn't passed a hearing test since he was a newborn. They've checked him regularly for the past 4-5 months and he shows no activity in his eardrum on either side. Essentially, he has flat-lined all his hearing tests. He has had numerous infections and has been on many long and aggressive courses of antibiotics. For quite some time, we weren't sure he was hearing much at all. We do believe he is hearing some things now. But, he does show various indicators that he is not hearing at or even near full capacity. So long story short, he will see a specialist in 3 weeks. We just ask that you'd pray for him to stay healthy (no infections) and wisdom for the doctor(s). We are concerned but thankful. Thankful that he is healthy overall. Thankful that our doctor is pro-active. Thankful that God is in control and that we can trust Him. Trust that whatever the result is that He will provide.

So, speaking of the sweet thing, here he is!!


The Browning's Blog said...

You (and especially Luke) will be in my prayers.

Kelli said...

We will be praying for little Luke.
Hopefully, it will just be because of the infections and he will be clear for the specialist. Definitely something to stay on top of. We experienced that with Kaden and now Kyler.

Diane said...

Thanks Gretchen!

Kelli, I was thinking of you about this! It's crazy, though, he hasn't had an infection now for quite awhile but he still flat-lines. They've had him on antis just to see if they can get some activity going on in there!

Anonymous said...

I will be praying for you guys! Carson got tubes in february, and he didn't pass his hearing test, but they haven't retested him yet. Hard to tell for sure at this age if it is his ears or his will to respond. God will provide. I need to read that book by James Dobson. I just started the New Dare to Discipline. SO far so good......


Tiffany said...

Definitely will be praying for you guys & little Luke! I have a friend who's little boy's hearing improved tremendously after tubes were put in.

The Lundgrens said...

Thanks for sharing about your Luke. I will definitely be praying hard for him. Ear infections. ARGH!!! Why o why? I pray your doctors will have the wisdom to do what is best for him.
Personally I'm hoping for tubes for our LUke. Everyone raves about them and how much better they can make things. Keep us posted!!!
How is Luke's babbling, cooing, etc.?

Yep, I'm reading that book too right now! Oh friend, I love your stories!! Boys are so fun. I know they are a handful but laughter is great medicine and they sure keep you laughing! :)