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Thursday, May 20, 2010

What's happenin'

We have some new things going on at the House house. Did I ever tell you we officially have a crawler? He is fast! He loves finding his brothers and when Luke's daddy is around, he pretty much follows at his heels! The only prob? He's already trying to pull himself up!! He can get himself about halfway up. I am NOT ready for that! Ok, scratch that. Luke officially pulled himself completely up to standing position tonight TWICE and stayed there.

About three weeks ago, I started doing some of The Fly Lady's techniques. Ok, seriously, I know this is not rocket science. But, somehow the gene that my mother possesses that allows for her to keep up on housework and laundry without tons of motivation (i.e. company coming, etc) skipped me. And, apparently since the birth of my 3rd child, I have developed some really bad (and lazy!!) habits. I was just trying to survive, but somehow it is now almost 9 months later and those habits are still around!! So, I don't follow The Fly Lady to a T. But, I have 5 things I do every morning without fail, 2 things at lunchtime and 3 things before bed. I also spend 20 minutes straight every day doing some cleaning chore. And, three weeks later, my house is almost always pretty clean, laundry caught up and listen to folks called and wanted to come surprise us for a visit in just a couple hours. Normally, I would've hung up the phone and frantically began cleaning. Jereme, who is well-acquainted with this routine, asked, "ok, tell me what to do!" I looked around and said, "Nothing!" So, supposedly new habits take 21 days...I think it's working!!

Another "new" habit we are working on is what we are calling "Quiet Time". Fantabulous idea from my friend Kelli that she took from Michelle Duggar. (Read her post on Sit-Time) I love it. We are up to 15 minutes. One of the things that really struck me is that I sometimes expect my kids to do something that I've never taught them to do. So, I am sitting with them working on my Sunday School lessons/Bible study.


Tiffany said...

I love it! I'm going to start working on sit time tomorrow!!!

I am with you on the cleaning thing too. I was one who kept the house immaculate before kids...and it has gotten worse with each child. I'm bordering on laziness now :) Some days are good, others are definitely bad & I pray no one comes over!

The Lundgrens said... the "sit time" idea. I love it as a mommy and I love it as an educator. (it's surprising how many nine year olds can't sit and read for 20 minutes! Mommies and daddies need to be teaching this BEFORE kids go to school)

Ok, I need to google this Fly Lady thing. Truly looks like a tornado ripped through place!
Two own laziness and Facebook! Oh....and blog reading. HA!