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Monday, May 10, 2010

Things I never dreamed I'd say

Round 3 (I think)

*We DO NOT pee off the play equipment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*We DO NOT pee in the park. Find a bush for some privacy, for cryin' out loud!

*No, you may not lick my tongue.

*Boys, if you don't stop spitting on each others bottoms, your shower is DONE!

*No sword fighting with your forks.

*(While trying to remain calm and composed)Boys, we do NOT scale the side of the deck and stairs.
--Mind you, they scaled the OUTER portion of the stairs and deck so that they ended up 12 feet off the ground, above a concrete slab, hanging on with one hand while trying to push each other off with their free hand. God help me, please.

*For the 1,002nd time, if you are going to potty outside FIND SOME PRIVACY. DO NOT pee in the middle of driveway.

****Do you see a pattern emerging??? Someone help me here; I just can't fathom the thought of another move so soon, but we certainly belong OUTSIDE the city limits, don't we??****


Tiffany said...

This makes me laugh...because I can relate so well :) I always wonder what my 92 year old neighbor thinks when one of them whips 'er out in the front yard...or worse, her front yard. God help me, is right!

Erin said...

Outside the city limits is right! I would bet that most of your neighbors work so they are only seeing a small percentage of the outdoor peeing. Carson does it all the time and our neighbors are all retirees! I can only imagine what they say, cause they don't socialize or rarely speak with us when they are out.... It will pass, Diane, just keep prayin'! By the time they are done with it, Luke will not even know that all peeing used to be done outside cause they will use the toilet.

Anonymous said...

Oh Diane! Your house sounds much like mine these days. If it makes you feel any better at all, just the other day I found both of the twins in the back yard with their pants off, diapers off, peeing on the tree...which, isn't really that big of a deal, except for the fact that Mac is a little GIRL and was doing this. Nels and I had a discussion about what he should and shouldn't be teaching Nash while Mac is around. Lol


beth foster said...

lol!! you crack me up!