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Monday, April 9, 2012


Tomorrow our little boys turn 5. I can hardly believe that or stand it. In this warm short-wearing weather, I just look at them all knobby-knees and legs and wonder how is it that I spend virtually every minute in a day with them and don't realize how quickly they are changing. They are such good boys. Ornery boys. Loveable boys. Wild boys. Smart boys. Rambunctious boys. Full of life boys. Up to no good boys. Hungry boys. Tired boys. Sweet boys. Learning to be gentlemen boys. Give lots of kisses boys. Still hugging on momma and daddy boys. All eyes on their daddy boys.

5 Things About Raising Twins:
1. It is so amazing to watch their bond and see them take off outside and play together for hours.
2. It scares the daylights out of me the scheming that they do together.
3. It must be so great to have a friend that sleeps in your room (and sometimes your bed) every night and wakes up with you. A 24/7 playmate.
4. It must be so hard to have someone that shares literally everything in your space, including your underwear.
5. It truly is double the fun (and sometimes double the trouble and always double the mess).

5 Things You Might Not Know About Our Boys:
1. They are not going to Kindergarten next year.
2. They are STILL within 1 pound, usually a half of a pound, and 1/2 inch of one another.
3. Although they are so rough-and-tumble, they still love to be held, cuddled and kissed.
4. They often go to the track to run with me and easily complete a half mile if I ask them to get some exercise.
5. Most full-length movies scare them. They rarely watch any Disney, Pixar, etc type movies. We've tried to go to the theater a few times but always end up leaving in tears. The kids because they were scared and me because I can't believe I just spent $30 to watch 27 minutes of a movie.

5 Things About Isaac:
1. Obsessed with any type of or construction, especially.
2. Adores chocolate. Especially chocolate cake.
3. Will never forget anything you EVER told him or any detail to ANY story.
4. Although wild and full of energy, a thinker who approaches new things with caution.
5. Is willing to consider playing t-ball this summer but can't understand why football isn't an option for him.

5 Things About Jorden:
1. Can throw a ball and shoot hoops like a pro already.
2. Nearly gives me a heart attack the way he just jumps off anything or into anything.
3. Is already an excellent driver (sidebar: Jereme and I often talk about how frightening it is that Jorden is so comfy in the driver's seat of Jereme's mule with Isaac in the passenger seat telling Jorden to go this way or that or do something crazy all while giggling hysterically)
4. Loves teasing and jokes.
5. Is a total nut about is seriously not unusual to find him carrying around a LIVE spider.

I say it all the time but I have found nothing more humbling in this life than becoming a parent. I love the quote that having children is like having your heart walk around outside your body all day long. True words. 5 years ago, God blessed us beyond measure...more than we deserve and I am thankful for every one of those 1,825 days. Even the tough ones. Happy 5th Birthday, Isaac Warren House! Happy 5th Birthday, Jorden Samuel House! I love you to the moon and back!!

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