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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things I love, Part 3 (or something like that)

I haven't had a "little boy" post in quite awhile. So, this is dedicated to Isaac and Jorden.

*My daddy gone all the time so he makes my momma sleep all alone!
*Poppa, Caleb and Jorden won't listen to me when I tell them to stop honking the horn. What should I do now?
* Oh d@mn, this one is really stuck. (WHOOPS!)

*(Driving a 4-wheeler with daddy out at the farm and popped a wheelie!?!?) Laughs hysterically!
*I'm gonna get big like my daddy and catch a big shark.

Some other things I love:
*Giggles from all the boys when they are all playing together in a room (rare!)
*Sweet little faces beside my bed in the morning, ready to crawl in and snuggle
*Crawling into my bed and finding combines under the sheets
Took the boys to do a test plot with their daddy one afternoon and when they arrive the other guys are teasing the boys. One fellow Monsanto guy asks the twins if they like the Jayhawks and this is the response he got, "The Jayhawks and Pioneer STINK!!"

3 year stats (ok so perhaps they are 5 months overdue but I am sure that 3 year well child check just means sometime during the year after they turn 3, right?????)
Isaac: 40.5 inches tall (87th), 36 lbs (72nd)
Jorden: 40 inches tall (80th), 35 lbs (65th)

And, just one little blip on sweet baby boy, Luke. Here are his one year stats:
31.5 inches tall (90th), 24 lbs 2 oz (70th)

Next generation of DEKALB/Asgrow guys:

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