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Sunday, September 5, 2010


Gameday yesterday!! Our little Wildcats were awesome. They endured 3+ hours of tailgating and a multitude of walking and climbing steps! Whew, it was a big day. And, it was warm!! Twins were dang near perfect. They loved it and were beyond excited about K-State (which thrills their parents!). Luke, ever true to form, was a doll. He slept for about 20 minutes in his stroller. That was it. But I don't think he cried once all day. He was a delight and did wonderful, too!!

Please note my attire in my pic with the boys. A tank top. I never wear them. I also never go to the pool with my kids until after 4 pm. We are WHITE...shockingly white, that is. I greased everyone in the family up with sunscreen, except one person. How could I not put sunscreen on??? I am the whitest of us all (I know that shocks you who are around me most...I know I appear so tan!)!!! Needless to say I am a lobster!!!


The Browning's Blog said...

You are SO brave to take them all, and I'm so glad that it went well! What a great game too!

Clinton said...

Good job bringing the kids along for the adventure! We are wondering if age two is too young to get Simone on skis. And I apologize for the Jayhawk's performance that hurt your strength of schedule :(