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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School begins!

I don't think any of the boys (all four, that is) are happier or more content than when they are on some sort of tractor. As you can see, even the babe is content.

And, today Pre-K began. I can hardly believe it! We all did well. I even waited until I got back out to the car to cry, which only confirmed to Luke once again that I might be (slightly) nuts. Boys did good. They won't go to Kindy till they are 6 so let's call this year what it really is...Mom's Morning Out, twice a week!! But, they think they are big stuff and by the pictures below, they really do look BIG to me!


Walleta said...

Good for you. Walleta

Unknown said...

Wow! Pre-K! How did that happen! Glad it's going good! Love their backpacks!