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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Why, why, why???

Why do I continue to go to Walmart? Short of hoping to entertain all 3 readers of my blog, I just don't know. I would try to tell you some of the "legitimate" reasons why I was there today but, let's just be honest. 8 months of pregnancy makes me a wee bit on the lazy side. So, in an attempt to not make 4 different stops today, I chose the big W.

Really, I thought the trip was going relatively well. Everyone I saw had on bras, I only heard a few not-so-offensive swear words and only one creepy couple (think 15- year-old girl repeatedly kissing a somewhere around 50-year-old man).

I surveyed my cart. Groceries? Check. Spackling? Check. Shampoo? Check. Curtains? Check. Needle and spool of thread? No. I head back to that department. I wander aimlessly for a few moments with no luck. Find associate. Ask where I can find a package of needles and thread. She smiles and says we don't have any. I laugh and say, no really, where are they? She repeats they have not one package of needles or any spools of thread. I ask how that is possible. She calls for asst. manager (I must be marked as "troublemaker" for their store). He arrives on scene and I say, "seriously, I just need one needle, one spool of any color thread, or hell, even an emergency sewing kit will work at this point?" He assures me with a big smile that they hope in a few weeks they will be restocked with those items but at this time, they don't have any of the above.

Ok, so, here's the deal, people. You can choose from a) one of probably 35 varieties of condoms, b) pick up your own beer-making kit or c) purchase one of 12,874 DVDs at your local Walmart. But, under no circumstances should a person expect to be able to purchase the often-sought, rarely-found package of needles or spool of thread. I'm just sayin'.

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Kristy said...

I love your Walmart stories! :)