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Monday, June 15, 2009

Things I love...

(Note: Title may be slightly sarcastic in content)

*Sitting in my home while it is being remodeled and not able to turn on the AC. It is a mere 86 degrees in here at 319 pm. Go figure, today is the day the boys have now napped for 3 hours since I can't go to the cool basement as long as the tile saw is going full blast.

*Realizing that 3 days ago when Jorden was squatting (and God forbid touching) over something in the backyard constantly yelling "momma, yuck" that he wasn't pointing to dog poo. It was actually a rabbit who'd been senselessly murdered by our dog and left to rot. Less than half of the rabbit remained due to the infestation of maggots on it. No wonder the kid wouldn't eat on Saturday.

*Eating my words when I used to wonder why our friends with kids cars were trashed, nasty and full of uneaten french fries. Let's just say, I get it. I totally get it!

*The return register at any given Hobby Lobby. Bonus points if you take toddlers to stand in line with you.

But, at the end of the day, something I really do love??? These three guys!

And, here is a GREAT photo of the Rodger House family at Aunt Carol's reunion over Memorial Day!


Erin said...

One question... does anyone else wander why the "other" house kids wear footie pajamas when it is 99 degrees in the shade??! Perfect for the pic! Seriously though, it is a great pic to have all of you in there.

Diane said...

It was great to see you and your family, too! Footed jammies is perfect for 99 degree weather, isn't it? I mean, seriously, I would LOVE to be in some flannel, footed pajamas right this minute at like 29 weeks preggo.

Erin said...

29!!!! Coming up so quickly! I am soooo excited, I can't imagine how you feel! JK-hope the house is coming along, or done.... Carson had trouble with his pants yesterday... same problem your boys have, don't want them on. The neighbors haven't said anything yet...