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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Most of you already know that we are in the process of relocating to ******. Jereme will begin a new position with Monsanto on Jan 7th in that area. We are closing on our home in ****** on Dec 17th (pending everything continues to fall into place!) and are still awaiting a buyer on our Pratt home.

Apparently, Jereme needs to spend a little more time at home b/c I don't think he has a CLUE what moving with 2 almost 9-month olds will be like! But, I made sure he will get to "enjoy" this process completely with us. His last day with Cairo is Dec 21st so he'll be joining me in the fun! Honestly, it shouldn't be too bad with the company packing/unpacking for us. I can say that b/c on Jan 20th, Jereme and I are headed to Cancun for 5 full days...hope Poppa Gary and Grandma Judy have been training for their twin-boys marathon.

Here is a pic of the home we have purchased in ******. Jeff (Jereme's bro) just did a home inspection on it and everything came back great.

Karla--I am up and running and it is before Christmas; you better get yours done!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love the new blog and the new house in Salina looks great. I look forward to reading about your family and the adventures that await you. Now hopefully I'll get some time this weekend to start my family blog. I know your house will sell here b/c its a great house!! Have a great time in Cancun! I'm sure I'll see you soon.