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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Prince resigning??

***Update: Not so much of a resignation. A non-renewal of contract.***

It seems that way. It should be official in the next 15 minutes or so. Speculation is he will coach the remainder of the season.

You know, I feel for him. He just lost his father, too. I've never thought he was the "one" for our Cats. I put this on the heads of our Weiser (AD), Wefald (president) and Snyder. Can you blame Prince for taking this chance? It was a helluva opportunity for him. He wasn't ready. Or he might not be D-I material altogether but a few more years of experience as an assistant would've shown that to be true or not.

Now, we try to pick up the pieces of a program that was beginning to crumble in Snyder's last year or two and has only gotten worse. I just feel bad for Prince. He wasn't the coach the Cats needed. KSU administration made a huge error of judgment. I hope we've learned...

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