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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things that make you go hmmmmm....

Should I feel guilty for keeping our kids up 2 hours past their bedtime to watch the opening round of NIT tourney in Manhattan? No, I shouldn't? Well, what about if those same two kids are laying on the bleachers and concrete floor telling us night-night b/c they are so tired?

Is it appropriate to allow each of your not-quite-two-years-old kid to drink an entire 20 oz Sprite simply so you can have a few moments of peace watching the game to then watch them spiral out of control into a sugar fit?

Should I be concerned that both boys were mesmerized and watched in complete fascination the Classy Cat dancers at halftime? I don't know what bothers me more...that they are boys that love watching pretty girls, scantily clad, dance all over or that I might be rasising the next mancer (man-dancer, yes I just made that up) for the Classy Cats.

And, how do you go about handling this situation? At halftime, Jorden runs straight up to a woman with a rather ample rear-end, smacks her butt in spanking fashion and then runs off laughing hysterically.

Ah, parenting is SO humbling, isn't it???


arica said...

You are the most interesting blog writer I know!! I laugh hysterically every time I read an entry...ok maybe not every time I know you have some serious moments...but I love how you make your daily life sooo funny!!

Caffeinated Bliss said...

Hilarious!! You're so... *gasp* NORMAL. ;)

I have a post up about Moms I love to hate... so check it out if you can. :D