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Friday, July 24, 2009

Warning: Picture overload

I haven't uploaded pics since JUNE!?!?! Our lives are consumed right now with consistency on potty-training and getting ready for #3. They boys have done A-W-E-S-O-M-E on potty-training and I would say they are about 90-95% there. I wish I could say we are about 90-95% ready for this new baby to arrive!!

Before I put the pics on, I just gotta share with you some things I never dreamed in my life I would be saying. But, I have a sneaking suspicion that with boys in this house, this will only be the beginning of weird (and gross!) things I have to say out loud:

*Push your penis down. Hey, momma said push your penis down when you potty; you're peeing everywhere!!
*Big boys have to wear pants when they're outside.
*Yes, Bonner (our dog) has a penis. Yes, daddy has a penis. Pull your pants back up, NOW. Yes, Poppa also has a penis.
*DO NOT touch your bottom while you are pooping. STOP, get your hand out of there.
*Get your foot out of the toliet.

Ah, seriously, we live a glamarous life!!!

Water time!

I love my clothesline!! Big shout out to Poppa Gary for getting that up for us!

Yes, yes we are raising rocket scientists as a matter of fact. Who doesn't want to wear a stocking hat when it is 105 degrees outside?

Out at Monsanto's (daddy's!) big corn/soybean plot!
Showing DEKALB corn a little love!

Now, be honest, brother, don't you think the Asgrow beans look the best?

Now, let me tell you about the 64-79 variety...

Checking out how the corn compares to the competitors. Do we really need to tell you whose looks the best??

We love the giraffes at the zoo!

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