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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Things I love, Part 2

Today marks the start of school. I love that people feel free to dress however they choose. What did I see this morning to prompt me to post? A super cute, red and black, knee-length skirt, white knee socks, white button-down blouse, tucked in, mind you with a stylish black blazer over the top. Of course, this was at the local public high school, not a parochial school. What makes this fall under the "diversity" category? A nice, young man, listening to his Ipod, carrying his backpack was wearing this outfit while walking to school. Made me smile and appreciate where we live...that is, SO LONG AS IT'S NOT MY BOYS WEARING THIS OUTFIT IN ABOUT 14 YEARS!!!

Driving home from the store today, I encountered a sweet, old woman driving her baby blue Taurus along side of me. Some person made the unfortunate choice to cut her off and was rewarded with getting honked at, tailgated and flipped off by dear old grandma along with some choice words that I can only imagine.

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